Researchers Find Ingenious Method Of Cutting The Calories In Rice By 60 Percent




7 thoughts on “Researchers Find Ingenious Method Of Cutting The Calories In Rice By 60 Percent

  1. That’s different and interesting. Rice is supposed to be filling but now it’s being turned into a low-calorie food. Not sure how I feel about this. I do think it’s good way to combat against obesity in Asian countries, as rice is what bread is to us over there. Even that was brought up, if bread could be turned into something not as calorie filled. But if some those with a low income are to be now more healthy, how are they to come by it? How would they know about this? I looked this up from my IPhone. What about coconut oil? Or the fact the rice has to not only be made in advance to eat later, but stay refrigerated for 12 hours? That’ll be a problem, least one of those. Still, good job for the kid who figured it out.

  2. I think cutting the calories of rice is a good way to help stop obesity. A lot of people in the united states are over weight and a lot of people eat sushi and sushi has a lot of rice in it and if you cut the amount of calories in that then it could help people lose weight.

  3. I think its great that we can still come up with ways to increase the health benefits of food in new and interesting ways. The fact that rice is already healthy makes this even better and i hope we can all see benefits from this in the future.

  4. Cutting the calories of rice will only lower obesity in countries that cosume a large amount of rice.The US is not one of theses countries plus as someone who cosumes a lot of rice in my diet I can say i’m not gaining any weight and i’m not obes.The only people who should look forward to this are people in countries like japan,china,and india.

  5. This is also good. This has the thing that makes Italian food good. I can call this a good thing because I went to get the bento box at some Japanese places.

  6. Cutting the calories of rice is a great way to Lower the obesity in the United States. Rice is a main part of many peoples diet around the world. So why not make it healthier.

  7. Its amazing how they can make food healthier. Even in rice although, its already healthy. Hopefully they can make more food healthier. Hopefully it can help out the people that have obesity.

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