RECALL: Amy’s Kitchen Products Could Contain Listeria




21 thoughts on “RECALL: Amy’s Kitchen Products Could Contain Listeria

  1. I think no ones going to eat this pizza because it looks bad and no one will eat a pizza with spinach with skinny crust i don’t know where they are taking this to but no one will eat this pizza

  2. My mom and brother are dairy free and gluten free and eat this pizza all the time!! they love it and says it tastes the same! I’ve never tried it but maybe sometime i will.

  3. i dont think i would eat this pizza but that just me i am not a fan of spinach and the rice crust dosen’t sound good but like i said that just me but i know there are people out there who would love this

  4. I never knew about how to make pizza crust out of rice. We will try to find a recipe and I believe that my family will probably like it. (We will probably get it pre-made)

  5. This is great to know because my step father and I consume a lot of Annie’s products and have been for a long time. We were unaware of the fact that there were traces of Listeria in their food and that it was being recalled. We could have gotten food poisoning because of this

  6. It amazes me how so much contaminated food gets past the processing stage. Hopefully people can make better ways of detecting these things. Though the fact that they are recalling the products despite not knowing if the food is safe or not is still a good improvement. Hopefully in the future, the problems can be traced before the products are shipped.

  7. I think it was a good idea to pull the product off the shelf.I would not eat this product if I knew people were getting sick, but I would like to try a spinach pizza

  8. Pulling the product was the right thing to do. I never wouldve have consumed annies products if i knew what was really in them

  9. to be honest im not one to try new things and i am also a very picky eater so this wouldnt be for me, but if youre into this kinda stuff i think it would be good.

  10. As a frequent consumer of there gluten free products i’m glade to see that none of the products that i buy were recalled.I clad they recalled it before it got out of hand and i hope this doesn’t harm the company’s reputation.

  11. Now that I read this article I am officially afraid to eat the foods that were mentioned. For example, vegetable lasagna, tofu scrambles, spinach pizza, enchiladas, brown rice and vegetable bowls and stuffed pasta shells. I think that this should have better research though and also spread the word around the world because this is dangerous and could effect many people. I think that now that I know this I will be more careful with the things I eat and where I eat.

  12. this pizza looks alright, idk if i would be willing tio try it just because it looks kinda weird lol but ya. ive heard of it but idk if any resturaunt have it.i highly doubt it. but it looks reallllly interesting tho. JORDAN CLINTON PERIOD5 2/24/15

  13. Obviously its not a good thing for all these ingredients possibly being contaminated. But its a good thing that they’re recalling this instead of leaving it out in the public. I’m sure its more common than we think but this one just happened to be caught and brought back. I see it as a positive.

  14. if the people say that its contaminated why would you put it out on the market. i know that its not known until you sell but still test

  15. I am maybe glad they recalled this, cause people could eat this but i really wouldn’t eat this pizza because I really have never heard of this brand. It is really crazy how a product can go through the productions and still pass to get into market but then sooner or later they get recalled.

  16. I don’t think anyone’s going to eat that pizza if it doesn’t look good and why would they put it out on the market if it isn’t good

  17. In the first place, this pizza doesn’t look very good, spinach as the only topping and a rice crust? Not appealing at all. And the fact the product could be contaminated, makes me have absolutely no regrets in not trying this product.

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