Should Fast Food Labels Feature Health Warnings Like Cigarettes?




28 thoughts on “Should Fast Food Labels Feature Health Warnings Like Cigarettes?

  1. They certainly should, as an employee of a fast food chain it has become very apparent to me that the regulars who waddle through the door are entirely oblivious of what they are putting their bodies through. Perhaps seeing before they dig in what could become of them will serve to thin out the fast food crowd, and by default, thin out their bodies as well.

  2. They should put health warnings on fast foods labels on like McDonalds because their food is fattening. Parents don’t feed their kids right. Even though McDonalds say everything is fresh and healthy.

  3. I don’t think fast food should have labels as explicit as tobacco products. While I understand that the idea is to provide people with a last warning as to what they put in their body, I still think it’s a bad idea. Exploiting a picture of obese children isn’t the way to go about this. Everyone should know that eating bad for you all the time will result in an unhealthy body, but it shouldn’t go to this extent.

  4. this should really be added to the labels i think it would help so obesity down by a lot.but some people may get offened so it would also be bad.i get that it’s suposed to help some might riot and try to prevent this…

  5. I think that having labels on fast food might be a good idea to some people, but I don’t think that its really necessary. For people who are very concerned about their eating habits and diet, they might care for the labels to help them make better eating decisions. But, for those who don’t mind as much won’t pay that much attention to the labels and eat the food anyways.

  6. I think fast food should have health warning labels because obesity from too much fast food isn’t good for your health and it can lead to heart attack which can be fatal. Also kids’s parents may look at the health warning and teach them to eat healthier.

  7. I think people should already know that its unhealthy so theres not really a reason to have it. Everyone pretty much knows that fast food can make you fat or you can get diabetis.

  8. I think that would be a brilliant idea to help educate the public about how unhealthy and disgusting McDonalds and other greasy-spoons are. If competition ever wanted to mess with someone’s sales, they could advertise how absolutely disgusting and terrible their competitor’s food is. Say Burger King wanted to “off” McDonald’s, BK could show what really goes into McDonald’s burgers and how gross they are. THAT would be evil, but a good marketing strategy.

  9. I agree with this article. I think that big mac’s should have labels educating their buyers on the dangers of what they’re eating.

  10. We like McDonnalds as well. We sometimes get some kinds of shakes and my dad will do it when we finish dinner. We also might get it as the closest fast food restursunt

  11. I think that it would be a good idea, so if they are like worried about their health they can just read the label and choose if they want to eat it or not. But i’m guessing that people would still eat it, like they still smoke and they know how bad it is for you. people don’t care that much!

  12. I feel that anything that could mess up your health should have a warning label. From food to cigarettes or even drinks. They should do it with every fast food place, not just McDonalds. It could help our generation realize what we are consuming in our daily lives that we don’t really think about. Maybe this could get a lot of people to get healthier.

  13. I think that fast food meals do not need to have warnings on the box because by now most people know the danger of fast food. It is also unapetising to see a graphic picture of what could happen to you if you eat it.

  14. This could be possibly a good way to make people realize what fast food can do to your body. Its not bad to treat yourself every once in awhile, but to much of it is not good for you. Most people would end up feeling probably more guilty for going out to eat which I don’t believe is the goal of this.

  15. I don’t think that they should put warning labels on fast food because people already know what they are consuming when they eat fast food. The people that don’t want to eat fast food because it is bad for them, already don’t eat it. This would be a waste of money and time to do. You don’t see smokers that see the warning label on cigarette packs and just stop smoking. Why would people that eat fast food do this?

  16. I personally think that most people already know its unhealthy and dont care. I doubt anyone who smokes sits there and reads the health warnings and then stops. Most people either read and ignore warnings or dont even care to look.

  17. No, this is stupid. It should be obvious that fast food can make you big just like it should be obvious that cigarettes can give you cancer. Its food, if you eat to much you are GOING to get big it happens putting a label on the box will either just make people loose their appetites or change nothing.

    1. Edit: And gaining weight is not the only issue and people should probably already be aware of this. They should already know what their eating,

  18. Well no, it is their own fault that that they are fat if they eat to much then you’re gonna get fat. So there for it’s there if you’re fat from eating fast food then you need to work out and eat a salad once and a while

  19. I think this a good idea, but I have a hard time seeing it go over well. Maybe if the pictures weren’t so realistic, that could work better. Not so drastic. I feel a decent number of people already realize and know somewhat of that the food is not good for you nor natural, but a lot of people simply do not have the money to go out to eat at healthier places, let alone have the time to go shop for better alternatives or make their own. Some people simply don’t care. Everything causes cancer these days people will say. At least putting what’s in the food is another good idea, but it should all be translated into common English, not lab-speak with big Latin root looking words. It’s kind of funny how it’s hard for stuff like this to pass, to better the nation, and for something like it’s okay to shoot gay people is passed. Hopefully we can follow into other countries footsteps so we could become alright when it comes to food at least. Still got a long way to go. As for fast food in hospitals, however that was allowed to happen is ridiculous. Good to see action will be taken there.

  20. Since day one I have been a major supporter of the Big Mac movement. For as long as I can remember being absolutely stoked to go through the drive through because I knew I was that much closer to my Mac. However, just because I love my Big Macs does not mean my children will be getting a lick of it. They will be eating healthy and I refuse to serve such poorly made food to my own kin.

  21. I agree that fast food should label there food with warnings because it is damaging the future of our country. It wouldn’t be the best if we all turned into obese lazy people, it’ll be like wall-e the movie.

  22. I think that they should at least have a warning label somewhere on the box that states that eating unhealthy can lead to obesity but the companies don’t wanna loss their buyers so why would they tell them the bad things about their food instead of saying its really good.

  23. They should add where it says warning may cause obesity and cause many stuff and will cause birth affects to babies. It should be a law on fast food places so people can see what is going to happen after they eat fast food.

  24. I think fast food should have warning labels. I think it might work to help people make better choices.

  25. i think the fast foof food chain should make it so the warning labels are clear because there are alot of things that we dont know about and we eat it anyway. we should be able to be 100 percent aware of what we eat. i loke mcdonlds but i didnt know that what is in it so that is good info for me next time so that i dont eat it . JORDAN CLINTON PERIOD 5 4/14/15

  26. I personally think we should put at least some warning one the food. it can be very dangerous and some people don’t realize that most of the time. People don’t know that danger food can bring if you have to much of it, especially the bad kind of food.

  27. I think they should put warnings on some foods. These foods are dangerous and if they had warnings it would help people realized that these foods can be really bad for you.

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