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  1. I think this is pretty cool because chocolate can melt when you pour a hot liquid on it so it looks like a flower is blooming

  2. this is pritty cool but it should have merments in it in the end its pritty cool how it looks like a blooming flower when the hot liquid is poured on it. I think that it would be a delisous thing to eat. I ❤ chocolate.

  3. this was pretty cool like i kinda wanna try it out to see if i can try it. But i wanna eat that cause it looks really good. But if i do do it i will try out different types of way to do it. Gabriel Mendoza Per 5.

  4. I like how it has to take time to do this dessert. I would like to make this with maybe ice cream or fruit like they did in the video. I’m wondering were we would get the vanilla bean but I think my mom could find it. Maybe we can do this in class or for a final.

  5. i think this is really cool. whoever thoght of this is really creative. it looks good and cool. i didnt know that the juicy stuff could make this chocolate things fall like one at a time. i would try it but it looks pretty difficult. JORDAN CLINTON PERIOD 5 4/7/15

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