Coca-Cola is Paying Nutritionists To Advertise Coke As A Healthy Snack




8 thoughts on “Coca-Cola is Paying Nutritionists To Advertise Coke As A Healthy Snack

  1. Coca cola is not a health snack because its all sugar and very bad for you. So many people in the world dont even know that it can hurt your teeth.

  2. This is just what big companies do. The use their vast wealth to promote their product and make it seem better than it is and that is wrong. No sugar concentrate drink will ever be good for you and this is a vailed attempt to go with the times and be a healthier drink without it being healthy. The same thing happened with microsoft when they payed youtubers money to promote the xbox 1 over the ps4 even thought that was not what they thought.

  3. Clearly Coca-Cola is not a healthy snack. The company is attempting to compensate for the lack of nutrition in the drink by making it smaller. However, there is still nothing good about soda. It doesn’t seem right that Coca-Cola can pay people in order to make their product sound healthier than it actually is.

  4. Even if coke advertise it as a healthy snack, i don’t think that people will ever consider coke as healthy. They have to be really good at marketing their product to convince people of this.

  5. I think this is messed up because they shouldn’t be able to just lie about whether something is healthy or not. Even if they pay nutrionists extensive amount. Obviously soda isn’t a healthy fact so i hope if this goes threw that nobody falls for it. That should be like illegal or something. People need to know how bad something is that they are putting in their body.

  6. I don’t think coca cola should be doing any of this because they’re honestly just wasting their time. They aren’t gonna convience anyone that coca cola is healthy in anyway. They are one of the main causes of obesity. Also if they actually some how convience people that its healthy more people will end of even more bad shape and just a bad idea over all.

  7. coca cola is a bad choice of drink coca cola can leave your teeth black even if you clean your teeth 3 times. -jeremy

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