Floyd Mayweather Is Paying This Chef $1000 Per Plate Until His Pacquiao Fight




7 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Is Paying This Chef $1000 Per Plate Until His Pacquiao Fight

  1. I think this is very smart of him to do. At the basis of all major sports players, especially the shining stars, is food. Food is what builds you, heals you, and keep your entire system running. Like a car.. if you want the best performance you wil need the best of the best in parts and the parts wouldn’t run without gas. Mayweather seems to have the best parts or as close to it as he can having an undefeated record so far. All he needs now is the fuel and that’s what he’s paying for.

  2. Mayweather is eating right and traing right that is why he is the champ and he will beat pacquiao.

  3. This is a great idea, this will help with his health, energy, and his mindset before the fight. I think it’s more of a mindset thing for him, if he loses he knows he did everything right.

  4. I would LOVE to have this job! Not only for the money but to cook and enjoy who your cooking for and what your cooking. Based on the picture she looks pretty happy.

  5. I don’t think this really makes a big difference but it puts him in the right mind set for the fight. I think he is doing everything right to win this fight with pacquiao.

  6. Well being the chief of him would be pretty amazing to be honest. Its a lot of money just to be cooking for him just for a few months. Anyone would do it if not for the money but for him to be with your hero in a way you can say or just a famous person in general. It would be a good experience and great amount of money.

  7. $1,000 for a plate of food… For us that is a lot of money for just one plate but if you are going to make $120,000,000 for one fight that isn’t bad. 184,000 for $120 million any of us would do that any day of the week

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