Infographic on Cooking with Spices



3 thoughts on “Infographic on Cooking with Spices

  1. This is great if I become a chef and I don’t know which spice should I use. Also it
    shows which spices and foods each spice goes with.

  2. This is lovely. I have something similar to this, but what spices can make what kind of seasoning like Lemon Pepper. This is rather handy too, nice how more things are being presented like this. Very helpful.

  3. I find this chart to be extremely helpful. I love spices but I just don’t always know how to use them. This chart gives me a good idea of how I plan on using spices in the future and teaches me a bit about how the flavors go with and mix with each other. I give full credit to this chart for teaching me whats really up with spices.(:

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