GoSun Stove: Solar Cooker


2014-07-08 12.17.04


10 thoughts on “GoSun Stove: Solar Cooker

  1. Wow! This is really something. What a breakthrough, this solar cooker. I noticed some of the sponsors behind it, like BBC, the United Nations Foundation, Buzzfeed, all good guys and more. I hope this becomes popular along with the sous vide. I like how it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment like gas does. But I wonder about bugs, that could be a problem. And it doesn’t mention you might need a glove, as one of the pictures shows. Still, really awesome, and easy to use.

  2. This device is truly amazing. Solar energy is becoming more and more of something in popular design and this Solar Cooker is part of new generation of technology.

  3. This solar cooker is really cool and it could solve the hunger problems in other parts of the world. I wonder though if it gets to hot to touch or if it works at night.

  4. This thing is great this can be useful to people who cant get gas or their living situation this thing i will make cooking a lot more easy and i don’t know if the thing will last long but if it does it would be great

  5. I think this is a cool idea because if you’re camping you could make food with out having to make a fire. It is cool that it can still work when its cloudy and it is energy efficent. it is a weird shape though and it seems like it would be hard to carry around.

  6. This product is AMAZING. I wonder how they thought of it. I would love to try it. It seems very great for the environment. I wonder how well it actually cooks your food though and like how does it work by doing all those different foods. My greatest curiosity is how long will it take.

  7. This is a very good invention because you could eat like you would at home while you were camping. You could make food without making a fire and creating a smoke trail. Its useful to people without gas and although its hard to carry around it is surely worth it.

  8. I think this product is amazing. I love inventions that help a person be efficient but dont require technology. LIke, if something happened to power, we could still cook things. Well not if were idiots used to ovens and cant think of anything to use to make food. BUT if you cannot find a way to use your recources, you could use something like this. This would be very helpful in certain climates where resources can be scarce for food making. I plan on investing money to get one of these forsure.

  9. This is actually pretty cool, people could use this for many different reasons. Saving power, go camping, or if you have an emergency and need to cook food. This could also help us become more eco friendly.

  10. This product is really interesting, and Im definitely excited to see what it can provide for the world in the coming years. Such an invention can enable cooking just about anywhere, and with the setup of the cooker, its not that large for the impact that it carries. This could absolutely change the famine conditions in third world countries where they dont really have a way to cook their resources and foods. I wonder how far this will actually go in the world as Ive seen a lot of videos promoting innovating inventions but years later the owner of the idea/company sells out to a bigger corporation and the next thing you know the idea is suppressed because the big companies wouldnt make money and the guy in the suit cares more for the money than the wellbeing of the world typically.

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