Granola and eXo Lab

The granola bars we made in class had things like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, dried fruit (figs, apricots, dates), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oatmeal and maple syrup.  Make these how YOU like them!


Our friends at eXo were kind enough to send us a bunch of their protein bars to try out, and they are not shy about the fact that they use cricket flour as a main protein source for their all natural energy bars.  It is great to compare the calorie need to raise and harvest cricket protein compared to the calorie and resource need that things like beef, chicken, and pork take to make it to our table.

Add your impressions below on the taste of the product and your thoughts on the value this product may have in our current time.



6 thoughts on “Granola and eXo Lab

  1. This is a great idea! The facts behind it show that we should use this in many more things, it has more than 2 times the protein in sirloin and chicken and it produces 80 times less methane than cattle…. This is revolutionary!

  2. I think this flour is very beneficial and helpful for people to eat, it has good nutritional value and less fat than steaks yet more protein. Personally, I didn’t like the texture of it but I couldnt taste the cricket flour. If you didn’t tell people there was cricket flour in it, I think they’d enjoy it more.

  3. I tried a piece of the apple/cinnamon flavored bar and it was alright. The texture was a little off and the flavor was a kind of blander than I expected but it was still good.Cricket flour is a pretty interesting concept that I have never heard or thought about before. I do not think that the general public is ready for it yet though.

  4. According to this article soon enough we could be converting all of our high protein foods and diets to cricket flour. Crickets use less to raise, less money, and produce more entirely in the end. The use of crickets wouldn’t make the food taste any worse or have a much different texture. I believe switching to cricket flour for the consumption of protein in our diets would be for the best.

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