How to Use Bananas to Replace Common Dairy Foods




5 thoughts on “How to Use Bananas to Replace Common Dairy Foods

  1. This is awesome! My brother eat or drink too much of any milk products so this would be great for him! It’s such an easy thing too and it would really make him happy to continue eating the foods he likes without feeling sick after!

  2. this is preaty cool i never knew there were so many difrent things that could replace dairy products. And who dosent like a good banana every once in a while this is great for people who dont like milk or are alergic to it. bananas ROCK :-)~

  3. this is amazing, dairy product is a very important part in cooking and baking. my brother goes through at least a gallon of milk a day, milk is good for you to a certain extent. i think this is good for us even with our generation not paying attention to what we put in our mouth

  4. This something not many people think about anymore; new ways to combine foods to make them healthier even by a marginal difference. This has encouraged me to try this method for myself with everyday meals.

  5. This is great! People can eat this without feeling guilty about eat a whole tub of it. My family drinks a lot of milk and this is a good way for us to stay healthy. I also think it will help us keep two gallons of milk in the refrigerator.

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