Yay! Nestle Drops Artificial Flavors and Colors in Its Products




4 thoughts on “Yay! Nestle Drops Artificial Flavors and Colors in Its Products

  1. I think it is normal because all the stuff added would change its look and then no one would eat it , and it won’t be too bad for our bodies and the chocolate is not blue or red so who will eat those chocolate without the normal color

  2. that’s how the company makes it tasty because actually chocolate is not sugary but i mean it comes from the ground so yeah int not sweet.chocolate comes from south america so it travles pretty far to get it here.

  3. I think its amazing and a grand idea for them to use natural flavors and ingredients in their snacks! I love candy but the stuff they use to make their snacks, calories and fats are not all i have to worry about! i think they need to do this!

  4. This is such a great idea because it could potentially be the first step for other companies to get inspired to make the same change. The fact they have planned out which artificial components of their products can be replaced by something natural is very impressive to me. I hope that they will publicize this more because it deserves more recognition it might be an incentive for more companies to make better choices about the products that they use.

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