What 2,000 Calories Looks Like at Some Restaurants




15 thoughts on “What 2,000 Calories Looks Like at Some Restaurants

  1. That’s so cool! I love seeing how food adds up to a certain amount of calories. Its soooooo gross that one Sonic shake equals 2,000 calories!!!! Who would even eat a peanut-butter and caramel pie shake anyway!?!?!?! That’s disgusting! It’s cool how much Starbucks adds up to 2,000 calories though. It’s interesting how a meal at Burger King has the same calories as two or three at-home meals.

  2. That’s crazy that in some restaurants, 2,000 calories is a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. I would of never imagined that coming from those two things added up to be almost more than half the calories people should have daily.

  3. it look like a really good dersert and i would like to make this one day
    i like how they put a coffee with this desert because when ever you have desert it the best to have a coffee with it.

  4. I noticed that when you go to restaurants, it doesn’t look like a lot of food but the calories it has makes up for it so that’s why i think people order more for than they really need.

  5. I would rather have something in here showing how much 2000 calories affecting someone, but this is still an interesting article. Sometimes small packages contain more than you would think.

  6. Its interesting how food these days are so high in calories and just a couple things can add up to what u need daily in one meal. You have to watch what you eat all the time to stay healthy and not become too over weight.

  7. The fact that Sonic sells a shake that has 2,000 calories in it is crazy! I wonder if anyone has drank the whole thing before, I’m pretty sure that is diabetes in a cup. Overall this article was really interesting to read. And it also made me pretty hungry.

  8. i consume like 2000 calories in one meal then.. cake and coffee is definitely the fires. i dont drink coffee that much but cake could be gone in a good minute. but it is crazy how theres that many calories in a meal. not even a meal but a dessert or drink

  9. This is so gross! Are they trying to kill the public. I bet people don’t even know it’s 2,000 calories. They are just buying the Shakes because it taste good. They don’t look at the calories anymore. That should be a good reason to make the food more healthy.

  10. I think it was very interesting to see the different kinds of foods that have a different amount of calories,per thing. Like for example, a meal of Orange Mango Juice that contains 250 calories, a big Italian sandwich with mayonnaise(1,088 calories), chips(220) and, a cookie(420). Who would have known that this meal had 1,978 calories all together. It’s impressive to see the amount of calories that maybe what we think is a small amount but thousands in calories.

  11. Some of these commonly Eaten foods are ridiculously caloric. The sonic drink was a crazy amount of calories. People carelessly put these super unhealthy things in their bodies. This should definitely make people give a second thought to what they put in their bodies.

  12. I never knew how many calories were actually in the meals i eat a lot. I find it shocking that there’s 2000 in a milkshake from sonic, so gross.

  13. Im usually a person who really doesnt care what i eat in at all. You give me anything to eat and ill basicly eat it. This really shows how bad im getting, but yet again it shows me how not too eat and watch what i eat.

  14. That is disgusting it doesn’t matter to some
    people how many calories are in the food as long as it looks good and tastes good their buy it.
    But the manufactors should make it healthier.

  15. Thus would be kind of good to actually avoid 2000 calories. If we would actually look upon the menu of facts on the menu and then go on our food blog, we would calculate how many calories we would have taken.

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