Would Kids Eat More Veggies If They Had Recess Before Lunch?




14 thoughts on “Would Kids Eat More Veggies If They Had Recess Before Lunch?

  1. Schools should start having recess before lunch! Instead making the lunches 100% completely healthy, make it so the kids want to eat everything on their plate.

  2. I feel like having recess before lunch wont help kids eat more fruits have vegis because if they are not eating it at lunch why would they eat them at recess. I honestly dont think they will be hungry at all because they would have just had breakfast maybe an hour and a half ago. But even if they are, if kids dont have good eating habits they are bound to bring maybe chips, or something not very healthy for a snack.

  3. I don’t think that kids need to have recess before lunch because it won’t make that big of a difference of how much healthy food they eat compared to lunch before recess. It might help a little, but I think its a little unnecessary. Also, I feel like if they were to have recess before lunch it would cause more issues among the kids.

  4. I don’t think kid would eat their vegetables anyways. Lunch time is a time to have lunch and recess. Why would they have more non learning time? It wouldn’t make sense. They should stick with regular program.

  5. I would say that kids will eat school vegetables if they are coated with some frosting or whip and place it in their lunch. For example, if you put peanut butter on celery, they cannot get enough of it. They will also place things on fruit and you can make a salad with your fruit and vegis.

  6. Having lunch after recess is a good idea but what if schools mix healthy foods with not so healthy foods to make the healthy foods more appeling to the kids.Otherwise having lunch after recess is a good idea.

  7. If students are eating 54% more fruits and vegetables than when they have lunch after recess, why would schools not switch recess before lunch. The kids would benefit in health if they ate more fruits and vegetables. I think the only reason why they eat the fruit and veges is because they are hungrier after running and playing. They want to be filled, so they finish the food that they would not have if they didn’t exercise before hand.

  8. Lunch after recess is a good idea, and it makes the kids want to eat the fruits and vegetables. After you exercise or just run around, you are a tad hungrier than before. Since you can get seconds on the fruits and vegetables and not the entree, that is something they would go back for, if they didn’t put more fruits and vegetables on their trays than they usually would already.

  9. Having recess before lunch is a good idea cause when you are active you eat more. Food fuels the brain and some kids don’t eat lunch, so they don’t have the full learning potential. If you’re hungry enough, you will eat what you have.

  10. I think that if the kids have recess first and only fruits available for them to eat, they would eat it and that would be healthy. and at lunch they’ll eat the pizza or the main meal. if they start doing that i think kids will get healthier.

  11. I think all kids hate anything healthy and just want a ton a sweets so it doesn’t really matter when you give them fruits and healthy food. Everyone was a kid and all kids want sweets not fruits. I think parents should try to encourage their kids to eat healthier when they are really young.

  12. I think kids should definitely have recess before lunch if it means they will eat more healthy foods. The schools should also support this as any opportunity given to us to help children eat healthier should be taken.

  13. I think the idea of recess before lunch is a great way to have kids eat healthier at lunch. Obesity is a big growing problem in America. Schools need to start serving healthier lunches !

  14. I dont think kids will eat there veggies whether they have break before or after they eat lunch. THey might eat more of any type of food if they play for a little firts.
    Lily Castillo
    P. 1

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