Microwave Caramels


9 thoughts on “Microwave Caramels

  1. I think this is a great way to make your own caramel squares at home. I dont really like caramel but if I had friends and family who likes caramel I would probably make it for them because its so easy.

  2. This is so easy you could make this for a snack for the super bowl and whenever you have company at home or make this and a bowl of popcorn and lay back and watch a movie with your’ friends.

  3. I think making this for a snack for like a party or a get together would be good. I love caramel so much. I think that people should make it more for parties the most because the kids would love to eat it.

  4. I’m not a caramel fan but i know lots of people who are so having this recipe handy is a really good idea. Simple and easy are my favorite words when it comes to doing a lot of things so the fact that this only takes a few steps makes me more likely to try it at home.

  5. That’s a good idea and it seems a lot easier than cooking the caramel over the stovetop and it’s quicker to

  6. I think if you are trying to make a desert and need caramel and need caramel this is a great solution and useful but I personally never use caramel and its disgusting.

  7. i would love love to do this i watched it twice i love these caramel candy any time i get the chance to eat this i always do i would love to do this.

  8. this looks reallllly good. it reminds me of taco bella 5 layer burrito or there 7 layer burrito. Only this has 10 times more stuff in it. I would love to eat this but i dont know how it would taste with pizza and pankaces. But i would still eat this any day this lokks amazing. I would try to make this JORDAN CLINTON PERIOS 5

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