This Pizza Place Has An Extremely Special Wall Covered With Post-its




5 thoughts on “This Pizza Place Has An Extremely Special Wall Covered With Post-its

  1. The fact that this man gives to the homeless warms my cold heart. Although some of the homeless population may steals vans and tweek and such, most of the people are just down on there luck and even something as small as a slice o zaa could highly improve there day. This man knows whats good.

  2. This guy is really nice forqling his pizza super cheap so that people will buy some for homeless people. I wish we had one around here because there’s a lit of homeless people that go hungry everyday and having a piece of pizza would make them happy and have some food that’s not from the trash .

  3. I have heard about this guy. Didn’t fully understand it from what I saw, but this article helps make more sense of it. This is really nice. There’s not a lot of niceness in this world. I feel like the spokespersons for Panera and Starbucks are phonys though about this, of them doing this as well in a way. I like how it was inspired from the idea of suspended coffee from Italy; the more you know. Hope this continues and better things come from it.

  4. Pizza, in my opinion, is one of the best things to happen to this planet. All it does is cure hunger and spread happiness. I love this form of the pay it forward movement because people who are starving have something to look forward to. While it might not be the healthiest option, it’s easy for people to give to or get to, which helps a lot more than complicated systems. I didn’t see the point of spending so much time focusing on Starbucks pay it forward thing, because coffee isn’t a necessity, while food is. I think this article should’ve focused more on the Panera segment, because that could actually really help struggling people. This article reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen, which is a restaurant that has no set prices, and lets people volunteer to pay off their meal. I really wish things like this would happen more on the west coast, or everywhere in America really, because it’s simple, yet helpful.

  5. this is so cool homeless people can go for a free meal and people get to give back to there comunity. its places like this ware people can go to get a good meal. any one who’s willing to give a dollar of there money to help someone else eat is a good person and if i ever go there i would totaly donate

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