Japanese Candy Subscription Service




23 thoughts on “Japanese Candy Subscription Service

  1. I have never had Japanese candy before, so if I were to get a subscription to monthly Japanese candy I would probably want to try it first. It’s kind of interesting that you can pay to get candy monthly. I don’t think I would try it because I can’t read Japanese so I wouldn’t be able to understand the labels or anything written on the candy wrapper so I wouldn’t know what I was eating.

  2. I think this is a great way to experience the candy related cultures of another country. Many times have i enjoyed candies from not just America, and realize that it would truly be a limit on our own pallet if we were not to see what other sweet possibilities other countries have made.

  3. I’ve never had Japanese candy but I have heard that it was good. My brother loves Japanese candy so he would probably buy this and think its a good deal. I think that it’s like expensive because for 13 dollars you can buy Like some shirt instead of just candy because that’s kind of a lot of moneyto just waist of candy.

  4. I think this is a really good idea because Japanese candy sounds good. Having it delivered is really great because then you wont have to leave the comfort of your own home. I’ve never had Japanese candy but I would want to try it and if i like it then i would definitely get it every month.

  5. I think this is a good idea to try international candy. I never tried Japanese candy before but I seen videos that some of their candy are weird tasting. I would like to try some of their candy. It would be a great experience.

  6. This is sooooooooo cool! I would love to subscribe! It would be a great eye opener to see what kind of treats are popular in Japan! It would also be a good opportunity for me and my friends/family to expand our pallets and try something new and fun! I really wish I could read what the packages said though…..it would be nice to know what I’m eating.

  7. I think this is a good idea to try international candy. I never tried Japanese candy before but I seen videos that some of their candy are weird tasting. I would like to try some of their candy. It would be a great experience..

  8. i have never had those candies but i think 20 dollars is just way too much because i think if a bag cost 2 bucks at most then 20 bucks for them is 10 times more and you can them at your local Japanese store and get them there for way cheaper and you can pick what kinds you want so going to the store would be cheaper and better.

  9. I love Japanese candy!!! Have you ever had hello pandas ???? They’re like little cookies filled with chocolate and oooo some heat. My mom gets them at an international market haha. There’s lots of different candies there ! It’s a fun, diverse place to buy unique foods from different places.

  10. I think this is great. It brings culture and good candy to your door. And really? For only 20 dollars?!?! I might actually do this now

  11. its great how people are trying new things with these things every month. I see more and more businesses doing this and it helps get their name out at a cheap price.

  12. This is cool i would really like to try the food in the box. I personally enjoy trying different types of food this seems very interesting and i would love to see how different our candies taste. 20 bucks may seem a lot but for the variety and how easy it is, it just magically appears on your front porch. I honestly might even get a subscription to the service and see how the candy tastes.

  13. i really like this idea because it gives you a chance to experience candy from another country. I would definitely subscribe to this if it was a reasonable price, and i think once a month is good timing to try out the candy without getting sick of it. I wish more specialty shops would try things like this.

  14. I would love for me to have a subscription because i love Japanese candy and soda it is so goood. I think it would be really good if every country did this so we know what other countries have for candies and then we can do it too.

  15. I love Japanese candy. Well, not all of them. But most Japanese candy that ive tried has good flavor. So i would love to sign up for this monthly subscription. Its good because i dont really know many stores that have a wide variety of Japanese candy. This would be a good way for me to try new things.

  16. Even though I don’t like candy I would totally order at least one box just to try the diffrent flavers of candy found in japan and not in the us.If I dident like the candy I would either give it to my step dad because he loves candy or to my friends.I would recomend this to any one who loves candy or Japanese culture.

  17. Its a great way to try new things from different culture. I’ve herd of this before multiple times from a lot of different anime websites. Its a great idea really for a lot of Otaku’s ,people in general who would love to experience new things or just people who are really into the Japanese culture in general. I would like to subscribe to this but I already know how to get Japanese easier and cheaper.

  18. This is actually a really good idea. I have seen this type of marketing before, like the Farm Fresh to you people in Capay Valley. And this thing called loot crate where they send you trending gaming and movie items every month. It is also a great way to get these companies that are included in the service to get more well know in Western countries, but the price of them are a little steep for the amount of content you receive.

  19. I could totally use this!!! I love Japanese candy, but that’s not only it, I could try to do this for the Japanese Club. As for the article, there’s not much to it, just enticing pictures and on how to get the candy. Still, awesome. I’ve had some of these before, like the green tea Kit Kats, and while I haven’t had vanilla ice cream, I’ve had the vanilla beans kit kat, and the chocorooms. I think it’s a good deal.

  20. never really tried it or any foreign candy. wouldnt mind trying it though just wouldnt want to waste the money since im not much of a candy man.

  21. I think this is a cool idea because it gives other people the chance to try other foods from other countries that may not be able to find them. I am not a big candy person but this seems like a cool opportunity to try new foods.

  22. Never tried Japanese candy, I wonder the types of candies they have, compared to the ones we have here. I would love to try a subscription of it. I want to know if they are a popular candy in Japan or if their randomly hand-picked.?

  23. This can be an appreciated thing for game players. Some can do many food decisions about it and make a surprise special for your family to eat. One could be a candy cake for dessert. You can make candy in it, on it or both.

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