Awkward: This Chinese Restaurant Gives Free Meals to Pretty People




26 thoughts on “Awkward: This Chinese Restaurant Gives Free Meals to Pretty People

  1. I do find that very fare and i am not saying there is ugly people but what about those people that don’t really look that good so they don’t get free food that is not fare because i think people should pay for there food because that is how there going to make money

  2. What the heck restaurant owner in China? The first thing I thought when I saw this article is that “feminists are going to love this”. But for real, why this for a public move? It’s genius, it’s stunning, mind-blowing and awful all at once, for the sole purpose that seems like that would hurt a customer’s feelings, but that being said its not forced upon you, so yeah….

  3. Um that’s interesting if it was in America I already know discrimination law suits would be in trial against that restaurant. But I mean that’s good for the “pretty” people but what about the “ugly” people the whole point of business is about getting your money and providing for your self and family if that’s what you choose.I guess if they have a wide range of pretty people in their mind then their just losing money to there own restaurant.

  4. I don’t find this very right, if you want to or willing to give away free food you should have a contest, not just look for “pretty” people. They’re food might not even be that good and you could be getting free food that tastes terrible and have bad health contents.

  5. This is ridiculous… Everyone has different opinions and letting people judge how someone looks to get a free meal is horrible. Everyone should have to pay for multiple reasons, one being the restaurant needs money, another is that it’s not fair. But at the same time no one is being forced to go, this could defiantly hurt feelings and should be stopped.
    Danny p.4

  6. That’s not right. You shouldn’t give good looking people free meals and make everyone else pay for theirs. It’s shallow and rude and people shouldn’t be judged like that.

  7. I think that this is so rude!!! Why the heck would you want to do this? The people who don’t get free meals are probably really mad cause, if you go there with a friend and they get a free meal and you don’t then you would get pretty mad and leave your friend. I mean that’s what I would do. Like if it was me and my sister and she got a free meal and I didn’t, I wouldn’t talk to her. Cause the people are basically calling you ugly

  8. I think this is a good campaign strategy. I think this will get a lot of people wanting to go to that restaurant to see if they are pretty enough to eat free or not. Overall, I think it will help them raise their sells, at least for the first few months. I also think it will get a lot of complaints from customers as well and will eventually shut down.

  9. It’s probably a good thing that this restaurant is in Chine because if it was in the US there would be a lot of people who would be upset about it. I feel like there should be or would be a law against doing something like this. The regulations for restaurants in China must be different than the ones in America. They shouldn’t be doing that but I guess if business is good who cares what is morally acceptable right?

  10. The is a convenience to anyone who is considered “pretty”, but it can be considered offensive to anyone who does not receive a free meal from this restaurant. You can always get plastic surgery so that you can be considered “pretty” at this restaurant. This restaurant has pros and cons for who would want to eat at this restaurant.

  11. It is actually not anyone that is pretty. It’s a lot more complicated than that. In fact you have to be the prettiest person that night in order to win. Therefore its more for promotional purposes, and somewhat of a joke. Its just like winning money if your the thousandth customer or something along those lines. I find it interesting and is probably good for business when it has received this much attention. For those offended by this its not really a big deal.It’s just who you are and why not get a free meal. It doesn’t really matter.

  12. Personally I don’t find this kind of demeaning because you testing someone and giving them a prize if they are pretty along others guidelines. It’s a good marketing tactic though. People want a free meal even if the cost is being told that they are ugly. I understand that if this was happening here people would flip out, and there it’s all good fun.. well maybe for some. Others might go in there with so much pride and come out thinking that they aren’t “pretty”.

  13. That’s kinda dumb because you could honestly hurt a lot of other peoples feelings. But I guess its whatever. But I know at least in America a lot of people are insecure so it be kinda mean to just pick someone because you find them hot. Its like so you get all dolled up and go there and think you have so much pride in your appearance and than you get insulted that pretty dumb.

  14. So after reading the article, the new practice this place is trying, I feel like it makes a lot of sense. This is a good market ploy in that you have a great deal more people coming into your restaurant and buying food, hoping they are pretty enough to get the free meals. I addition, the nice thing is that it isn’t all pretty people nor is it completely subjective. It says it is the top 5 in an hour or so, and that it is scored by a group of people/professionals.

    Honestly, it isn’t a bad market ploy and maybe it could be replicated in America. The funny thing is so far, this doesn’t seem like it has caused a great number of problems in China thus far, but it would be in America. Perhaps the reason so many Americans are against this is because we are all thin skinned, in that we cant handle that somebody might be prettier. It just seems silly.

    In any case, the idea behind this is great, because the business is now probably bringing in a great deal more money than before due to a greater amount of people coming in and trying to win the free meals. In short, a great idea and while a little subjective, not completely.

  15. To be honest i would want to go over there to see if i was “pretty” enough to get a free meal. But some people would get offended or sad if it said they didnt get a free meal. I feel like a lot of riots would happen if there was a place that gave you free stuff if you were pretty. And a lot of people would be happy or sad but i feel like someone might start something like that over here sooner or later.
    Gabriel Mendoza per5

  16. That an extreamly good marketing idea. when a ton of people come in thinking they will get free food they will me more likley to spend more money, When all but 5 people get free food they are left with a larger than average check.

  17. I think the idea will hurt a lot of people. Its creative and all but deciding if you get your food free or not based on your looks is kinda messed up. And personally everybody has their own opinion on beauty so one person cant really tell you if your beautiful or not. Creative, but not very fair if you ask me

  18. This is a cool idea but its not very chill. Personally I think the owner just wants abunch of fine low income girls to come through so he can spit his game.

  19. This is a pretty good idea for the original influx of people you would get, everyone is curious as to whether or not they are “pretty” enough to pass the restaurant’s standards. There’s a chance that people will leave if they are not given the free meal, but if they are with a group it would be a bit embarrassing to just leave, so the ” non pretty” person would most likely stay and pay for the meal. Another perk to this system, if you set the standards to a point where it’s a bit in the house’s favor, you can make the amount of “not pretty” admissions higher.

  20. So, I am going to be totally honest. I think this idea for a restaurant is hilarious yet mediocre. It entices to me to try to go to that dining facility to test my odds against getting a free meal or not! However, it also kind of makes me want to punch the owner in the face for promoting materialistic ideals and rewarding people who may not deserve it based off of something they can not control. This is morally, and ethically wrong. Luckily it is in China, gives me more of a reason to never go there.

  21. This is very discriminatory. Firstly, “beauty” is to the eye of the beholder – to one employee a customer may be “pretty”, and to another than very same customer may be “ugly”. Secondly, people do not control their facial structure. What this restaurant is essentially saying is “You were born this way? Sorry, you have to pay for something you had no control over. Sucks to be you”.

    As others have mentioned, it is also very offensive to those who are rejected a free meal; since they are essentially being told that they are “ugly”. This is a very bad marketing practice – those who are rejected will not return, and those who are accepted are only being accepted due to an absolutely subjective concept which no one can truly define. Ultimately following in this pattern of spiraling self-demise, the restaurant would only end up serving those who get free meals – thus no profits for the restaurant, bad reviews from those who were offended, and an ever-diminishing consumer base.

  22. That is a really good idea. But i dont thin its fair, what if you werent good looking? you cant get free food. But over all i would still go there and give it a shot. i think i’ll pass because im cute. It’s a funny and cool idea though. very creative

  23. I would really would not want to go there. Cause they are basing it off if you are pretty or not. I would feel pretty bad for the people that do get reject for not being pretty cause they get a free meal.

  24. It would of been unfair to people who have money and who has a lawyer. But there is an upside to the restaurant. It would be like the fanciest restaurant in town.

  25. I honestly would feel so uncomfortable eating here because I would feel so judged based on what I looked like. I don’t think it’s a super great idea and they probably get a lot of complaints. Also the people that work there probably don’t get paid a lot since they don’t let in as many customers as they would if they didn’t have the free meals are only given to pretty people thing going on.

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