January 9 Assignment

Please write an anecdote (short story) describing your holiday vacation and some food experience(s) that you had.  Perhaps you talk about the recipe, the family fun or drama you had, etc.  Have fun with this, read other students’ posts, and give it a full effort.



80 thoughts on “January 9 Assignment

  1. I went to San Francisco and went to this middle eastern restaurant and had rice and chicken wings and some salad and hamus side with some pepsi. i had some more meat steak and it was the best thing i’ve had. the food was cooked really good and the food was just good in general

  2. On my brake we just got together with the family. We made lots of Mexican food.Then we played family games. We got on Skype to say hi to my grandma that we all miss every much and the holidays weren’t the same without her. My mom found a house and now we are moving to a new place. So my brake was pretty good the only bad part was that I knew I had to come back to school.

  3. My nana made a huge Christmas dinner like every year. There was turkey,ham,potatoes,marshmallow sauce,salad, and other great foods. Tried butternut squash at my grandpas and didnt like it because of that taste and texture. Wont be having that again for a while. Had bacon mash potatoes which were the bomb. My sister pepper sprayed herself in the mouth.

  4. Over break I didnt have that many memorable food experiences but one that I had was on the last weekend of break. I grilled hot link sausages, cut them in half and put them on a french roll with pepperjack cheese melted onto it. I spread chipotle southwest sauce on the bread, and put some tomatoes and lettuce on it.

  5. During the winter break I went to Monterey, where the majority of my mom’s side of the family lives, and spent my Christmas there. ,.

    1. The most memorable food experience that I had was on Christmas Eve when my grandma made a $200 prime rib for the family. It was so good, and I also made jello salad as a side, which is something that my family always makes during the holidays. It consists of green jello with canned pineapple and is topped with a cream cheese topping and it’s really really good. My grandma is a really god cook, so while staying at her house during the holidays I enjoyed a lot of home cooked meals like cornish hens and home-made tacos.

  6. Over break I made a variety of deserts and baked goods. I made a lot of peppermint bark and pumpkin bar. I got to hang out with a lot of my old family members that I haven’t seen in a long time. I also go to eat my grandmas Stuffing which is bomb.

  7. Just a few days before break was over, my stepdad Remington drove my boyfriend Corbin and I to South Lake Tahoe. There in the snow, after sledding for a few hours, Corbin and I made snow ice with a recipe I got off the net which contained simply sweetened condensed milk and a little bit of vanilla extract. IT WAS AMAZING! It’s been years since I’ve done that, and this time it was better and more fun, surrounded by the people I love. It tasted great by itself, but also was quite good with what I brought to make different flavors of it. I brought maraschino cherries (using both the cherries and juice, just the juice for me as I am not a fan of the cherries), pomegranate juice, 2 powder things of Snapple (lemon tea and raspberry tea, which were surprisingly really good),and chocolate syrup. It was kind of funny making it, as the lodge we were at said no outside foods, and here we were making ice cream in the room. The snow was from their property, and the “food” were condiments, so can’t argue much there. Not that we got any trouble anyway. Totally worth getting sick over, as I am now sick and have been a day or so after that. Perhaps next time try to find snow more farther away from the roads.

    And several days after that, Corbin and I worked for 2 days to make a gingerbread Tardis (from Doctor Who, British TV show). Only got 75% of it done, as we were tired and didn’t want to have to try to have any more hassles to get it done. Lot of fun though. Since we first tried to make it at his house and his family are allergic to eggs and dairy, we used chia seeds and non-dairy butter to make it. It turned out. I also by myself made a hot buttered cider for myself and his family, using the same butter. It still was quite good. Lot of work to do everything and problems, but fun overall.

    I also got to have Chicago style pizza, my favorite kind of pizza ever as well.

  8. Over my break I was mainly camping and I was only home for few days. Other days I was at my friends house. I made cookies at my girlfriends house but sadly I didn’t get to eat them. For Christmas Eve and Christmas day we had a really huge dinner that required the whole house to help prepare it. I can’t remember all the food because there was so much food and I was distracted. I enjoy food very very much.

  9. Over the break I didn’t really have many “memorable” food experiences. I slept in until 10:00, skipped breakfast, and spent the majority of my time listening to music or napping or being on the computer every day. Over all I was pretty lazy. I don’t exactly remember all of what I ate through out break, probably a bunch of unhealthy stuff. I do remember on Christmas eve we had a glazed ham that was pretty good so I guess that counts as something.

  10. I love how the other students said about their food experience but what my food
    was I had mashed potatoes with bacon bits in it and I think its really good to try.

  11. over the brake i helped my mom make the turkey for christmas we also had salad,baked potatoes,tamales and had family come over.

  12. Over the break we went to the snow a lot. We also ate a lot of food and just had fun since I didn’t have school. My family and I ate lasagna and french bread that was so good. After we ate we open our presents and it was really nice to just spend to time with my family over break.

  13. Hi Mr. Berry my name is Jacob Binns. I am in your third period and I had an incident that affected my capability of eating and swallowing food. I broke my jaw on Thursday last week doing hockey in 1st period pe. This is my first time seeing this assignment so please do not mark me. So when I broke my jaw i am specifically supposed to eaealiquid or close to liquid foods. So I have lost 10 pounds eating only smootbies juices and mash potatoes. I have truly gotten to appreciate the joys of food.

  14. Over the break, I had a Christmas for my grandpa because my grandma passed away and he had no one to cook him dinner so me, my dad, my mom and my brother went over there and made him dinner like Turkey, Stuffing, Mash potatoes and gravy, Green been casserole and Fruit salad that my dad made.

  15. I think this is a heart warming picture. One reason is that the whole family is together. They are having a thanksgiving dinner as a family. The last thing is that they are thankful for being happily, together.

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