The Greatest Machine Ever Invented, Literally.


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Machine Ever Invented, Literally.

  1. i think its really intresting how people are actually genuinlly care about how sanitation effects the health and security of others.

  2. This is as incredible invention and could help every country, rich or poor, all around the world. We can now get electricity and the cleanest of water to third world countries. This could be revolutionary if we use it correctly. Hopefully it is used right and isn’t exploited and turned into something ugly.

  3. This is a really good invention but i dont know if i trust i completly. I think there should be ongoing studies on how clean the water actually is, but other than that its a great invention.

  4. This has helped out where water comes from. It has made me explain that it goes through a long process before it gets to be in our houses and jobs. We go through a machine that makes it go to the unpurified water. Then the current transfers to the cleaning area, in which it becomes purified. The last step is it goes through the faucets. This website article has made me understand a lot about Hydrogen and Oxygens mixture

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