Western Spaghetti


4 thoughts on “Western Spaghetti

  1. I like how they make a fake kids western spaghetti videos. It so cool. They make it so real, but they put toys in it to make it look like real food. So cool.

  2. This video is so neat! Its so amazing what people can think of doing. So much creativity! I plan on looking at more of these videos on youtube. Its so interesting to think about objects that you could portray as food.

  3. I think this video is so cool. I would love to do this and make money! This would be so hard to film cause of all the pictures that you have to take. And then you would have to edit them all together. That must of taken hours to do! But hey its worth it cause your making money and its probably really fun.

  4. Its interesting to think how this process goes. Its obviously a stop motion video but the way some of the transitions flow its so smooth you might think that its really happening. I suppose that that comes in part from the way its shot. its purposely looks choppy so that the changes look more natural but its done in a way so that’s its not distracting or to slow which is pretty impressive. that whole video probably took about a full week or more to make.

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