Pasta Sushi is a Thing? I Guess So…




2 thoughts on “Pasta Sushi is a Thing? I Guess So…

  1. Where do I sign up? I love pasta. I love sushi. This is so a must do. Anyhow, I don’t like how they said two-star chef. Who says that? How is that good sounding? Maybe Italy has a different rating system? Wonder how he came up with it… Maybe he was out of white rice, or craving both Italian and Japanese food? Who knows. That’s awesome you have the option of creating your own at any rate. But only four shells of pasta? I know it said appetizers, but still, should be more in my opinion. Course, that would up the price, so perhaps it is a good deal for what it’s worth. Thank you Chef Scabin for this creation, and for the recipe! I hope I get the chance to make this myself sometime soon in the future. Good enough article, though could have been more detailed.

  2. I really like pasta and i really like sushi but i don’t know if they go together. I mean i am always up to trying something new but i think it would be pretty weird combination.

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