Homemade Cultured Butter Recipe




3 thoughts on “Homemade Cultured Butter Recipe

  1. Previous to reading this article, I already had a Vague idea of how to make butter from Heavy whipping cream. After reading, I thought it was interesting that they used yogurt in addition to the salt and heavy whipping cream, but I figured it was to culture the butter. In addition, I thought it was pretty cool how you had to rinse the butter several times to clean it, as I thought it was only two or three times you had to clean it, but it was far more times. After seeing this post, I want attempt to make butter at home some time during the holidays.

  2. I think that this is a really interesting thing. Butter can be a really fattening ingredient to cook with and to be able to adjust the recipe to be healthier or better for people and their diets. I would love to try making my own homemade butter one day!

  3. I think it intresting that it only uses three ingerdents but its not as simple as i thought it was to make home made butter. i think ill stick to a simpler recip. this sound like fun and i think it would still be fun to do.

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