America’s Unhealthiest Packaged Snack Foods




9 thoughts on “America’s Unhealthiest Packaged Snack Foods

  1. I don’t really eat that food so i don’t care that it is bad but if i had kids i would let them eat it because it is really bad for you and i don’t want my kids to be fat but i think that it is not a good thing if we eat all of that because it is really bad for you

  2. I never knew these snacks were that unhealthy. I really like Cheetos and Gushers. Gushers doesnt taste like real fruits like it says on the package. It taste late gooey sweet goodness. I like hot Cheetos. I never looked at how unhealthy it is to eat it.

  3. I eat these foods to be honest but I feel as long as you eat everything in a balance and get a good enough amount of exercise anything you eat, no matter how bad it is, its okay. Maybe sometime in the future companies will make healthier packaged snacks for kids, because kids and teens are drawn to these because they are easy to take and they taste good. If companies make a good tasting but also healthy snack that would improve health of teens and kids.

  4. Packaged food is very bad, that and fast food are the worst possible foods you can eat. Packaged foods are processed and unhealthy and need to be better regulated and less processed so they can be healthier. I would personally eat more packaged foods

  5. I kinda already figured these foods aren’t good for you because there packaged. But I mean you can still eat them from time to time its just when you eat a box a day is when your really gonna have a problem

  6. I sometimes eat these snack only when my mom buy them, they are so good to eat. I know they are bad for people when they eat these type of snack. Kids only love because their taste of things. If it is healthy or fatting

  7. i love those foods tbh. Cheetos are like my favorite chip.And gushers are like my favorite cant. But i mean its okay becuase i barely eat them. But when i do , i eat alot of the following. im am really suprised that those are the top un healthy foods . Im not a fan of unhealthy stuff JORDAN CLINTON PERIOD 5 12//8//14

  8. This is a good sweet that we still like and I will like to put this out when kids can hear about these. I will get to make them happy when they get the sweets in their body and I will appreciate if you can help other people by making a calendar with the Gushers and chips on the low budget diet.

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