McDonald’s Shows What is in That McRib


4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Shows What is in That McRib

  1. Hmm….interesting but I’m still a little bit skeptical.who knows? maybe McDonald’s really is telling the thruth after all.

  2. Even now that I know what’s in them I won’t eat them still because I don’t like McDonald’s. It makes me sick every time I eat there. Also, I think its really unhealthy to eat McDonald’s and there’s people that eat McDonald’s every weekend. Some even eat it twice a week that’s so unhealthy.

  3. this is intresting to me because i thought it was made in a gross way also. im happy that it is made good and healthy. i honestly thought it was made with not real meat. i havnt had a mc rib but i kinda want to try it now. they put alot of sauce on it and i think it is cool how they put the perservatives in it to keep the flavor it in for so long

  4. To be completely honest i feel like Mcdonald’s could have used this video as a way of putting on a good face for the public and perhaps the meat isnt as good as it was in this video. Also even if it always is, the mcrib product is still as unhealthy as ever, regardless of how pure the meat is.

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