Perfect Your Salad Pairings



7 thoughts on “Perfect Your Salad Pairings

  1. For a salad I like the beets, apples, goat cheese, and eggs. I feel like with those ingredients it would make a healthy meal, because it seems like it would have lots of protein.

  2. Those are all really good ideas but what i put on my salads is avocado, some type of meat like chicken or turkey, white meat then bacon, tomatoes, with an egg or two and with ranch but homemade ranch, and cheddar cheese on the top mmmm so good

  3. I would totally put a lot of that on my salads cause all I put on my salads like dressing and olives it would like make it awesome

  4. I love eating salads. I would put a lot of that on my salad. Salads make you strong and it is healty. It is good for you when you do sports too. I never try any sea foods on my salad. It sound pretty good.

  5. This chart is really cool because it can help you try new things. Most of the ingredients on the chart are really good and i would put them on my salad. They also seem really healthy.

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