Portion Control Plates: Would This Work For You?




4 thoughts on “Portion Control Plates: Would This Work For You?

  1. i think this would work for some people. I also think more people should learn about this and use this chart for their meals everyday. This is a great way to diet for people too. Everyone should use this to measure their meals.

  2. I would definetly use this. If I was a parent i would get it for my kids right away so they could use this tool with there children. Even if you dont have a portion control problem it is still really useful to have.

  3. portion control plates seems like a good idea for some people with addiction to overloading their plates with food every day and night and their physical health takes a plummet down the well so portion control plates is a good thing and it could either be a big success or be one of those ideas that started out as a great thing but over time the invention is lost and forgotten and when it is mentioned people want to change the subject

  4. Whilst it is an interesting concept, I believe that it’s main purpose would be squandered by the mere fact that a person’s tendency when it comes to meal-time is to focus their meal on just a few parts of the various food groups. For example, often times when I eat, I consume wheat, dairy, and meat, but no vegetables that meal. Alternatively, the next time I eat, I may eat a soup consisting of primarily vegetables and perhaps some meat, but no dairy or wheat The plate attempts to promote healthy eating, and while it may work very well for people who are used to eating a wide variety of foods in small quantities in one meal, for people such as myself, it is not very practical at times. The key to health eating habits involves moderating your daily consumption of various products from food groups… not restricting or enhancing their consumption on a meal-to-meal basis to follow a strict, stagnant guideline. An additional drawback of this plate is that it does not incorporate the variations in each individual’s dietary needs.. people with shorter statures need less food, whist people with large statures need more… Athletes and body builders may need more protein and calories that most people, and so on.

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