A 16-Course Modernist Lunch




3 thoughts on “A 16-Course Modernist Lunch

  1. Wow… Some of that food looks delicious, but, there is so little. Im sure people could eat double that… All of the individual dishes are so intricately displayed, I would feel bad eating it… How long does it take to plate the alone, with some of these dishes? They have the funniest names too….Pasta alla Spiaggia,Uova di Quaglia, Tagliatelle di Segala, they are all very interesting names. Are they French? Italian? Finally, each individual dish has an entire paragraph describing it….that’s a lot of explanation for such a little dish.

  2. Have you heard the expression “eat with your eyes first”. If you don’t, it means that food doesn’t have just taste to make it good, but the look is also a key component. It looks good, but for me I can eat one of these dishes in one bite.

  3. The food had some very weird names and looked just as weird itself. However a few of the things I saw looked like they would be somewhat tasty like the “quail egg” that wasn’t really a quail egg. It looks like it would take a long time to prepare the food that they serve in that lunch which seems to be counter productive since it only produces a small amount of food. The chicken that was in the course takes four days for be prepared. I would like to maybe try out a course like this once just to see what it is like but I bet it will be rather expensive.

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