THC Candy a Concern In Colorado


Consider if this is a serious issue?  Would you be concerned for your younger siblings that go out on Halloween? Why or why not?



34 thoughts on “THC Candy a Concern In Colorado

  1. I think that this is horrible and it should never be a concern for parents with young children. I think that if this is a really big problem then parents should check every piece of candy their child brings home before the child is allowed to eat anything. If they are really concerned then maybe they will actually follow through with this idea, but to have to do that it’so a lot of work. I personally would just go to trusted neighbors houses.

  2. this is is really horrible that is has that in it and some of us eat that stuff and don’t know what is in it. know that i know i am not going to eat that stuff any more. if are parents new what was in it i am pretty sure they would not want us eating it at all. if i had kids i would not like them eating that stuff but i would just check out aver piece of candy they get to make sure that there is noting bad in it.

  3. I honestly think giving kids this kind of candy is a little stupid but it’s not incredibly bad. Thc is given to patients to help with certain problems but I don’t think any child needs this kind of candy.

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