Will Teal Pumpkins Take Over Halloween?


How did this inform you on food allergies?  What will people’s responses be to seeing these, rather than the traditional orange squash?


7 thoughts on “Will Teal Pumpkins Take Over Halloween?

  1. I hope Halloween will continue using real pumpkins even though some people are allergic, because I believe in sticking with tradition and pumpkins outside on Halloween is definitely a tradition. I also think we should keep pumpkins because it is always fun and a family bonding experience when we carve pumpkins. Besides if someone is allergic to pumpkins then they should make the percautions not us.

  2. I think this an incredible idea! I’ve known several parents who take their children out just for the experience, and when they get home they dump the candy and give their child something else to eat. It’s not as satisfying eating candy if you didn’t go out and collect it all yourself. I think adding teal pumpkins won’t alter Halloween traditions, it’ll merely give children the chance to devour their well-earned goodies or play with their new toys in a safe, comfortable way. The only think that makes me hesitant this idea will work is the fact that not enough people will know about it. Maybe one house out of several neighborhoods will have a teal pumpkin, and the child will only have collected one toy. How many people are going to go out and purchase toys and teal paint? – The ones who really care. They will be parents and close friends of children with allergies. Enough people to make a difference? We’ll see!

  3. That is so amazing!! I feel as if everyone should have toys and candy therefore when they aren’t allergic they may have candy but if they are they can have a toy. This is the most smartest idea ever. I believe in this idea of the teal pumpkin.

  4. I think this a great idea cause lots of kids in the united states have so many food allergies that this can keep them safe on Halloween night. Over 31,000 people have reposted this idea. This is the first year that the teal pumpkin has reached action. Now whoever has a teal pumpkin or a sign on their door this year they are going to hand out stickers, crayons, and toys.

  5. I think this is a great idea. Because so many people in the united states have food allergies its nice to know that some people actually care that they have it. That’s nice also to pass out toys and stickers its way better for them than eating a bunch of candy. Even though candy is awesome.

  6. This is a great idea but I dont think many people will go along with it. People like to stick with traditions and if their kids arent allergic, I dont think theyre going to get the teal pumpkins. Kids also complain when they get anything other than candy when they go trick or treating.

  7. This ever well could be helpful for the kids with food allergies. I don’t think I’d take my kids to a house like this because there are a lot of people who give kids strange things on Halloween so I’d avoid this house if I had kids.

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