The Fake Donut – 12-Year-Old Uncovers the Conspiracy



7 thoughts on “The Fake Donut – 12-Year-Old Uncovers the Conspiracy

  1. This kid makes so much sense, and I love how he doesn’t hold anything back in his essay. He seems to really like donuts and wants to defend their title. I think he makes some great points and I believe he should confront doughnut shops to show them that people do see what they are doing.

  2. I like this kids way of thinking. As someone who likes doughnuts and bagels, I’m surprised I never thought about this. I wonder if this may have an effect on doughnut shops around the world. Crazier things have happened.

  3. I never thought of it that way but know that I think about the kid is right. When I get doughnuts I usually get it with some sort of glaze or filling so I never realized it but he is right.

  4. I personally think this kid is correct in every way. It shouldn’t be classified as a doughnut because it’s like a bagel in most ways. Why the put it in the same isle or call it something it isn’t baffles me.

  5. This kid is on the right track. What a nice way to explain the truth of plain doughnuts ….well more like bagels. What a lovely paragraph.

    -Denise Sanchez P:3

  6. I couldn’t agree more with this kid! I feel like kids speak an adults mine but they just don’t have a verbal filter. He’s really a step in the right direction. It shouldn’t be called a donut unless it is and he saw a bagel.

  7. What in the world I never thought of that, and its so true on top of it. When you eat a doughnut you to remember the delisous flavor of the filling, or glaze, how about the frosting and the sprinkles. When I eat a doughnut I look forward to these things. If I want a bagle then I’d go to the store and buy some not go to a doughnut shop. What has this wold come to selling bagles in doughnut shops. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT.

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