Caramel Potato Chip Brownies




16 thoughts on “Caramel Potato Chip Brownies

  1. This recipe looks really fun to make. It also looks really god to eat and I want to eat some of it right now. this recipe looks kind of easy and it makes me want to make it.

  2. The brownies look really good. It also seems easy to make and would have a very interesting flavor. The smooth and sweat flavor of the chocolate brownies mixed with the crunch and salty flavor of the potato chip would provide a new and interesting flavor with a mix of the smooth and sweat and salty caramel adds a nice touch. All in all it is very cool and i am actually going to make it.

  3. This looks really good. I like how it combines with the salt flavor of the chips with the sweetness of the brownies so you get a variety of flavor in your dessert. The recipe doesn’t look too difficult so pretty much anyone could make it. This would also go for a lot of events like holidays or something like a bake sale and a lot of people like salty and sweet things so I think a lot of people will like this dish.

  4. This recipe looks like it could be easy but for me it might be hard because I’m not the best cook. It looks delicious but very unhealthy, but wont stop me from eating it! I wont make any for my family because they dont like chocolate and my mother cant have sweets, but I would love to eat this.

  5. This looks so good and it looks really easy to make and very different. I would have never thought that those to flavors would go together but I guess I was wrong. When i get home i am going to make these because they look so good.

  6. This looks like an easy recipe, i could probly cook it. I think the potatoe chips ruin it. The carmel and brownie is good enough, But you never know They could be really good with potatoe chips.

  7. This looks really delicious and easy to make. And the favors are sweet and salty so why not add some horse meat in it to make it better, Because i think horse meat will make it taste more like a burger.

  8. wow. this looks so good. I dont know What kind of stuff they put on it for the drizzle but it looks so goood.– JORDAN CLINTON PERIOD 10-2-14

  9. Potatoe chips, and brownies. Thats two things that can be a delisous snack thats put together. When you put two things together like that, you automaticly want to try it thats why it inspires me to make it!

  10. Potato chips, chocolate and caramel my three favorite things put together in one dish. I feel if i’m dying here.I want to make it right now.

  11. Potato chips,chocolate and caramel my 3 favorite things put together in one dish. I feel if I’m dying here. I want to make it now. sorry p.6 not 5

  12. To be honest, this recipe looks really good! I would try this. Two of my favorite things combined 🙂

    -Denise Sanchez Per 3

  13. To be completely honest when I first saw this I thought it sounded disgusting but then I thought about it and it actually sounds really good. I would actually make this. I think that I’m going to go home and try making this.

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