Pizza Skulls!




21 thoughts on “Pizza Skulls!

  1. Theese are really cool because I love pizza and this is perfect for Halloween. The only bad part is that you probably couldn’t make them yourself at home because you have to have a skull cut out thing. These would be really cool to have at a Halloween party.

  2. i think i would want to make these beacause i love pizza rolls so i would love to have it in scull form also i think that it would be nice if we could try to make this in class

  3. The pizza skulls are a great and fun idea for Halloween. I think these look very creepy because the pizza inside of the skulls look like guts. I would feel like I’m eating a human head. I would love to make these for my family and friends. My little cousins would think the pizza skulls are so cool.

  4. This honestly looks really good and I like the design of that stuffed pizza skull. It looks like a nice snack for a Halloween party or anything related to Halloween.

  5. I would really like to make these. too bad the pan required to make them costs $35! (a tad bit overpriced if you ask me.)

  6. Pizza and anything related to the supernatural and the like combined? I think I just found my own little piece of heaven. Whoever comes with these things must be really creative. Maybe I should try coming up with cool stuff like this some day.

  7. I think this is a super cool idea. It looks pretty simple to make and would be a unique way to enjoy pizza. These would also be perfect with Halloween coming up, and would be a cool treat at a Halloween party. For anyone planning on throwing a Halloween party I would highly suggest looking into making these for the guests.

  8. Well I’m a person who isn’t a huge fan of pizza but this looks so good in my opinion. It’s also really creative and fun for this time of year with Halloween coming up but not only for Halloween, if kids at school are taking a Spanish class, they could possibly make these because the Spanish culture has the day of the dead where they have sugar skulls. I’m sure you can figure out other shapes and molds to see how creative you can get with this idea.

  9. I think this is a good snack for a party on Halloween or satanic worship. I wouldn’t make it often cause it is mostly just for looks. I don’t think it would be very filling like. And I’m not very into small meals i am more into big meals. I also think it would be a odd snack to make on Christmas, or you’re child’s play dates.

  10. Kourtney Bradshaw P5 … These pizza skulls are super cool. I wonder if you could buy other cookie sheets with different shapes and it would work the same way. This would be a good idea for Halloween parties. I should try this at home. It seems really easy.

  11. I think this is pretty cool. This is a good food to make for a Halloween party. With this tool it looks like there like little pizza rolls. I think making your own food is good because then you know what is in your food. It helps to know whats in your food, so you know if you can eat it or not due to things such as allergy’s.

  12. These are really cool! My mom is always looking for weird stuff, but this one she wont sell. It will be cool if we know EXACTLY how to make them. I’ll know what I’m having for lunch.

  13. wow! This looks so good. Usually i see pizza rolls but they never look that good. How they made the outside was so cool. There was no mistakes on how they made the skull. I wish i could make that. I wonder where they got that from, and wherre they got the idea from. I think this was really cool and i hope i learn how to do it some day. From chris khamo. 10-2-14 period 5

  14. well that’s something that you wouldn’t see to many times. To be honest if you were to have a Halloween party and need a party finger food then that would be really good choice to pick.

  15. If there’s two things that are pretty obvious about me, it’s that I like skulls, and I like pizza. A combination of the two is something I dream about. So when I saw the cheesy goodness made in a conveniently edible, skull shape, I was immediately interested. Then when I saw that the rolls were made in a baking pan, and didn’t have to be purchased precooked and frozen, I began to think of the other skull shaped options in my life. Muffins, anyone?

  16. These look really fun to make and look pretty delicious. I would really enjoy making them. it would be a good idea for a snack during halloween. I think its cool how there pizzas that actually look like skulls. I would really like to make these.

  17. These look really delicious and perfect for this halloween. I am thinking about adding some different ingredients for a different kind of pizza skull, like combination, or meat lover. It is perfect for my baby cousins.

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