More Bento Boxes from Cool Moms




4 thoughts on “More Bento Boxes from Cool Moms

  1. What a fantastic mother! Wow! And what great love and time and care she does in creating every single one of these charabens for her sons. I saw that it said Bento boxes and thought she would be Japanese, but apparently not. That’s alright though. Still very cool of her for what she did for her shy son Ivan, trying to help him out when he was in school. Kind of surprised she would make him and Lucas, her younger son, some Hello Kitty ones, but maybe they don’t mind or see it as girly. I wonder how long it takes her do everything, and what she normally uses to do make these awesome creations. Think I liked the Meldoy one the best. Hope to see more of Li Ming’s work out there in the world. We need this.

  2. i think it is relly neat that they made spider man into meat. and involed rice as well. and to bring the holiday into it as well with the spider in the foods next to it.i mostly like this because it is spider man. and i would make thos for my self if i knew how.

  3. This is so cute! ( kawaii ) This is so cool and such a great idea. This is a great idea to make little kids eat healthy a fun and creative way. I would love to try this at home. -Denise Sanchez Per:3

  4. This is like amazing i was always never to play with my food but it would be cool if this started to go around and i just think its really cool. This is very creative and a good way for her son to feel secure at school with out her there.

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