9 Kitchen Hacks



3 thoughts on “9 Kitchen Hacks

  1. Wow what a helpfull and interesting article. These are problems that constantly plague my kitchen and its really good to know that there are these cool tips to help out in the kitchen. I always have the problem of my fruit going bad before its even ripe so im excited to try some of these out myself.

  2. These kitchen hacks are actually very helpful. The ice cube coffee I found very funny and helpful to admit because I make a lot of coffee and I always got annoyed when my coffee always ended up tasting like water when I was almost done with it. I also found intresting the fork in the lemon. I didn’t know if you put a fork in the lemon and squeeze it more juice will come out, but i did know that if you roll the lemon first before cutting it you’ll get more juice from it.

  3. I think this is a really interesting article because they are very helpful tips. These problems always occur during my cooking sessions. I need to follow these tips to increase my kitchen production.

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