Peanut Exec Found Guilty in Salmonella Outbreak




4 thoughts on “Peanut Exec Found Guilty in Salmonella Outbreak

  1. To be honest , he should go to prison the rest of his life. Because he poisoned a lot of people with raw peanut butter. And he should not sell any more of the peanut butter.And they should shut down the company for poisoning people.The court should charge him with a 1500,000 fine for shipping poisoned peanut butter.

  2. This is very concerning because of the threat it poses to any person who eats peanuts. Not only is it sad that several people were harmed from the matter but also that the investigation and court case took so long to come to a conclusion. There should be more precautions to make sure things like this do not happen in the future. The same thing could be happening at any given company or food industry. Care needs to be taken in order to ensure the protection and health of customers and consumers.

  3. i dont why it took so long for them to finally finish this case, It’s sad that they would do this and harm so many people. They should be put in prison for life for how many people they have hurt by there product. I think the government needs to have more food products checked so no more companies do this and harm more people.

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