Common Weeds You Can Eat




4 thoughts on “Common Weeds You Can Eat

  1. What a great read! I love how there are these edible weeds about. Sad that so few of us today know about them today and discard them as we do, something I knew quite well about long before I laid eyes on this article. Kind of odd they put a picture of figs and quinoa, though one of the weeds talked about is in the picture. I would have preferred if they just shown the pictures of all the weeds personally. I know someone who plucks dandelions from the ground and just eats them right then and there actually. Kind of surprised chickweed and miner’s lettuce aren’t on there, but I guess those kinds are more of a West Coast thing. Haven’t heard of Salsify,Purslane, or Lamb Quarter’s before. Hopefully I’ll get to try them sometime in the future. I hope that these super underdog plants get more recognition. In any case, good article, good nutritional info, and nice to see there were links to recipes.

  2. I thought this article was pretty interesting. over the summer i went on a hike with some friends, and one of the guys there told us about some of these weeds you can eat. He showed us a couple of them and we ate them. They were actually pretty good. I really liked this article.

  3. I never thought a weed could be used in foods. That’s actually pretty cool to know in case your ever stranded with no food. I’m not sure I would ever try them though but it seems pretty cool and I believe they would come in handy when needed. I figured they were just useless weeds that grow in your yard and places. I wonder if people actually use them for ingredients and herbs and things 🙂

  4. This is good to know. If you ever find yourself out in the woods or something you can eat these weeds and stay alive. These foods like Dandelions and Salsify may not taste too good (or maybe they do who knows) but food is food and when the situations critical, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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