SF Rent vs. The Rest of The World (As Told In Food)


What cultural statements do these images make?  What do you think about lining in California, compared to other places, in terms of cost?



12 thoughts on “SF Rent vs. The Rest of The World (As Told In Food)

  1. California seems too over priced compared to other states in the U.S. You can buy something of better quality in a different state and get it for the same price as something of lesser quality in California. I think that things should be priced at lower costs.

  2. Its crazy how expensive things can be, even for just an apartment. Things like this make me wonder who made these prices in the first place. I kind of find it hard to believe that this sort of thing is happening in my home state. The prices for say, a four bedroom house makes sense, but not a one bedroom apartment for the same price.

  3. The pricing is a little abstract, think about the place. Compare what your paying for. Compare the location of the apartment of San Francisco and the one Albuquerque. The locations is what makes the price difference so huge. The one in San Fran is in a major city in California. Then compared that to a smaller city in a state less populated with less things to do. The reason the pricing is the fact that in San Fran there is so much more to do. They have 2 sports teams and have lots of things to do. Where as in new mexico the weather is a lot worse there is less to do and no major attractions. So the location is what you are paying for not just a larger apartment.

  4. I like the idea of using food as a metaphor for the price of living in an apartment in California. Everyone loves food and to see the difference visually helps a lot. I will much more cautious when I choose an apartment Thx for the post

  5. I think California in general has always been overpriced. They know there’s so many more people living here then other states and people are going to have to buy food no matter what so why not make them as expensive as possible? People may complain about the prices, but they’ll always end up buying them. Also, it makes since that less populated areas of the country/state would have cheaper food because if a few people stop buying them, they will be out of business.

  6. I like the idea of using food as a metaphor for the price of living in an apartment in California. Everyone loves food and to see the difference visually helps a lot. I will much more cautious when I choose an apartment Thx for the post Mr Berry

  7. While yes the bay area is much more expensive, it is sooooo worth it. The weather down there is amazing and almost every part of it is beautiful. I love the beaches there and it also has some amazing sites to see.

  8. Well we all know that living in California is very expensive. However the fact that it costs $3000 for a small bag of popcorn in San Francisco whereas in Oregon you can get a big bag of popcorn plus a drink for the same price is crazy. Now of course popcorn doesn’t cost that much really but it costs quite a bit just for a bag of popped corn kernels. The cost of living in California is way too high. The wages should go up a little bit at least. $8 an hour is not enough money to support yourself in these times. With rent for a small apartment being about $800 in Citrus heights not counting bills and food expenses. Is it really worth paying so much just to be in the “Golden State”, I don’t think so.

  9. My sister and I like to go to San Francisco once every few months. We have a friend there who pays $800 a month for rent and utilities, to share a one room, one bathroom, and small kitchen apartment with a room mate. It’s a half hour drive from her work, and there’s no parking. The food comparison was entertaining, but didn’t really do much to show how little space you’re paying for to live in such a crowded city. Still, it is nice to see something that looks good while you’re cringing at the cost of simply having a roof over your head.

  10. One word OVERPRICED!! we are paying more money than we need to on things that should cost a lot less. Plus the things we are overpaying for are beyond the range of healthy. They are pretty much taking our money and killing us at the same time. We might as well all pick up our stuff and move to other states with more reasonable prices.

  11. I think this shows a lot and how much of a price difference there is in cities then the rest of the U.S. But this is true and even though stuff is expensive here, its a lot worse in other places.

  12. Obviously the cost of living in San Francisco is expensive, but it isn’t like the city is astronomically greater than any other. There are plenty of cities across the US that have similar and even higher prices. Location is such an important part of the cost of living because the experiences and vast opportunities of things to do in the city are far greater of a less populated area. Generally, things such as food, income, and entertainment are of a higher quality in the city. It makes sense that San Francisco is so much more expensive than any other place but it is still discouraging. If you have the money, it is seems like a great place to live most definitely.

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