Horse Meat Sushi?




31 thoughts on “Horse Meat Sushi?

  1. Never, I would never in my life eat horse meat. I consider horses as extremley intelligent creatures. Horse meat is wrong and we shouldn’t kill them for meat to me it’s very screwed up.

  2. Well in my opinion, sushi with fish is gross to start off with. If I do decide to get sushi I get chicken in with it. Horse meat on the other hand, I wouldn’t think that would taste that great, and it’s also not that great for the animals. We are already harming enough animals for their meat and I don’t think we need to bring horses into the mix.

  3. I think that, that this is the most grossest thing in the world. I don’t know who would want to eat horse meat. I know for sure I wouldn’t. I think that it is mean to kill horses, we usually don’t eat horse so it would be nasty. If people like horse meat then I guess that is ok. I hope this doesn’t become a thing in some places. cause people might get grosses out.

  4. I think that is the most messed up thing ever! Why would you want to eat a beautiful horse. Like Horses aren’t made for food. I personally would not ever eat a horse. I love horses. I don’t know anyone that would eat a horse. I also thought sushi was made with fish or tofu or whatever else the do. But why would you want to do that. I hope this does not happen in sushi restaurant. If they are just slaughtering horses that is so sad and wrong. One thing that I would not ever eat is dog,cat and horse.

  5. I think we should start eating horse meat because its yummy and we will run out of fish and cow meat soon so why not try something new, and they all meat so why cant we eat it, and if it don’t taste good then just add some favor if you think its gross just close your eyes and eat it.

  6. Sushi, originating from Japan has long been known to be made out of sushi. Japanese people eat weird foods just like anywhere else in Asia but i think for any country it would not be considered normal to eat horse meet. Horse’s are real tools and should not be used for food, if we need meat we can get it for cows, pigs, and chickens. It may be dangerous to eat horse meet due to the fact its not a very big market so it’s not monitored for health standards and also racing horses could have been injected with who knows what. So i don’t think i will ever eat horse meat sushi.

  7. I have never had horse. I`m not going to say anything over the ethical quandaries of this. I have no idea what horse tastes like or how it would be on sushi. personally I think it could be good but I dont know.

  8. I personally like sushi, but horse meat in sushi sounds disgusting. I would definitely never try this. It sounds like it wouldn’t taste good and it pretty cruel to horses. However we do kill a number of animals for meat to begin with so killing horses for meat too is just unnecessary. But food is different in all cultures, every culture eats different things that could be weird to others. So maybe since this isn’t the “normal” thing to do here in the US doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be able to do so. As long as their not mistreating the animal they can eat whatever they want to eat, whether its gross to us or not.

  9. i would never ever in my life eat horse meat that is really nasty for me. i heard some people say it tastes like normal meat but i dont care if it does its still horse meat and i will never eat horse meat.

  10. I think that eating horse meat is a little weird. I’m not trying to be racist but the Japanese are just really weird. It starts with their anime then goes to their food. I’ve seen some weird yam slime stuff and now they’re eating horses… raw. ick

  11. I dont think i could eat horse meat but i think the 21 bar and grills under one roof is sick. All the diffrent smells and sounds would be super cool and i kinda wanna go check that place out

  12. I think sushi is generally an amazing food and i have eaten some weird fish in my sushi before for sure, but nothing quiet as strange as horse meat sushi. Given the chance I don’t think that i would honestly be able to eat it though, its a little to strange for my tastes. Some animals in my opinion just shouldn’t be eaten.

  13. I think you can put what you like on a roll of sushi but having horse on sushi or even eating it is not good. I will never eat horse my self but if you like it you can eat it. I would not be able to eat this my self because I love horses and I don’t like eating all kinds of animals. Ya we eat cow and sea creatures but eat cat, dog, and horse to me is not okay.some animals should be pets not food.

  14. Some people are saying that eating horse meat is wrong but most of us eat beef or pork. We don’t really second guess that.Saying that it’s not the same because horses are smarter more domestic is not really valid because ( I’ve had to hear all this from my mom who doesn’t eat meat.) cows cry when they see that their friends are going to a slaughter house. This is all kinda hypocryticol because I do eat meat. I’m just sharing my thoughts on the subject. If you want to eat it what ever. Courtney Merrill per.5

  15. Personally, I think they should stick to using fish. There’s a ton of fish out there and there aren’t many horses. Animals are already slowly becoming extinct and we don’t need to add horses to the list.

  16. It sounds really good. I’ve had horse meat before and enjoyed it a lot. I would definable want to try it in sushi. Anyone who thinks eating horse is wrong just sounds stupid in my opinion. Horses are pretty much large cows, if I had the choice I would only eat horse just to piss off all the horse lovers in the world.

  17. I think that it would be pretty good to eat. Its a learn meat so it has to be good and its not that gamey either. I would eat to try and see how it tastes. Also try to see what else they have like i’ve had shark before, Aligator gar which is a type of tuff-meat fish but its good

  18. I think horse meat is kind of an odd thing to eat unlike chicken or steak. I think people think the normality of horse meat is more weird and maybe a little gross. I don’t really care for horse meat I’d rather just eat chicken

  19. Ive never had horse befor but i would most likley try it if i was offered it. Horse sushi sounds very interesting, i realy like sushi and have it when i can. i would have horse but not often. I dont think its a bad thing to eat it either, to me its just like eating cows and pigs.

  20. Think about all the other food we eat, all meat is animals so why is everyone tweaking about this. Unless its like cats or something im not tripping. I bet it taste hella bomb too.

  21. If horse meat is considered a delicacy in other cultures, then it’s rather obvious why some people may eat horses. Regardless, in the American culture it is not a welcomed practice. I really hope that this particular cultural food does not spread to other countries… while it may be tasty, it certainly isn’t ethically correct. Horses are beautiful, intelligent creatures; and unlike many other animals, are capable of rational thought, emotional expression, and logical capacity.

    I dislike the thought of killing an animal in the middle of its life… although since we need to eat, the best kind of animal to kill is one that is not very intelligent. The less intellect an animal has, the less it understands its life… some only function on genetically coded instincts, but have no thoughts or impulses of their own – they’re almost like robots. If an animal does have the intelligence to understand its surroundings, (simply caring for its young does not count – this is a programmed instinct, not rational thought; unlike humans, dogs, etc. who actually understand that they’re caring for another living being with a life of its own), then it should be left alone and allowed to live its life.

  22. Horse meat and sushi together? It sounds delicious to me! I have never tried horse but i love trying new things, i think people should give it a try! If you don’t like it, don’t get it! There is no reason in complaining for horse meat being added with sushi, it’s not the only thing that is gonna be put on the menu! Yeah i see the negative side to this new item, killing beautiful animals and eating them, but all kinds of things such as pigs, fish, and maybe even birds i think! It is something new to try and i think it adds creativity instead of it just being fish or tofu. Danny Black P.4

  23. What? Horse meat sushi? I’ve never heard of that one before. It’s strange, to think about eating horse, but honestly, Why is everyone freaking out about it? How is eating cow different from eating horse? I am one for trying the strangest foods and this definitely caught my eye. Off course maybe it’s not the best choice because it not checked, that it’s safe to eat, but I would still try it. If I would like horse meat sushi, I would have no problem with eating it. And I would like to try it.

  24. why would you eat horse meat that is wired i have never heard of that before it sounds like somthing i would try but i don’t really want to eat horse meat because that sounds really wired we should not be killing horse there for riding not for eating so i would most likely not eat that but if i had to i would give it a try who knows u could like it.

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