Need to Peel a Bunch of Apples Quickly?


18 thoughts on “Need to Peel a Bunch of Apples Quickly?

  1. This video is really awesome to watch. The way he can just continuously go from apple to apple. This shortens the time for making food or desert. For big amounts of people this would be really good.

  2. this is one of the coolest things ive ever seen done in a kitchen. It usually takes me 5 minutes to peel an apple, it took him a minute to peel 183837483738645 so im for sure going to look into this.

  3. This is awesome who said you can’t use in the kitchen.that was a really creative idea and it worked really well.That was called thinking outside of the box might try it later.he peeled like 50 apples in 5 to 10 seconds.
    Isaac Gocan Period:3

  4. That is pretty cool, I never thought of that. Using a drill to make it spin and then using a peeler, thats a much quicker way to peel the outside of an apple. Thinking about some apple sauce after seeing this.

  5. This is a really cool video. I watched a video like this one. I want to try this. If i were to peel 20 apples regularly, it would take a really long time. It would take a minute to peeling 20 apples. A drill and a peeler is the best way!

  6. This video is a video that seems to good to be true. If I was able to use that tool used in the video to peel food, my life would be much easier. This video really wants me to get this tool and peel tomatoes and make mashed potatoes. Overall, this tool makes the cooking environment easier to cook, more fun, and more electronic.

  7. Haha. That’s so cool my dad has a drill just like that but I never thought about peeling apples that way. Plus if you need to peel apples for a big crowed that the way to go.

  8. That is a really creative idea especially when your making a home made apple pie or something like that. I guess sometimes power tools can be useful when cooking. It was also a really interesting video to watch.

  9. I think this method of peeling apples is great! it looks like it could be a bit messy but nothing difficult or time consuming to clean up. As long as the drill and the sharp tool that is being used is clean then go ahead. Also, the safety of doing this looks good, i can’t see how anyone could get hurt doing this quick and easy method of peeling some apples.
    Danny Black p.4

  10. i thought this was really cool. Normally people do it the safe way with a knife, one layer at a time. But i think it would be really cool if i cool do that. The only bad thing about it is that you could cut yourself and hurt yourself very very badly. I bet who ever made that tool gets alot of money because that is really cool and not a normal thing. So ya its pretty coool. //// JORDAN CLINTON
    PERIOD 5 9//18//14

  11. I want to try this at home but i feel that if my dad or mom saw me doing this i would get in trouble. But i never knew this was possible and im wondering why did they think of doing this an what are they gonna do with the apples. But this is a very smart way of peeling apples faster

  12. I think this is a really creative idea but it looks like he is in foods school so he might get marked down for using a drill in the kitchen. Other than that i think it is really smart because cooking can go a lot faster. you can do that with potatoes when you are cooking for a party. you can also do that with apples when you are making apple cobbler.

  13. this way of peeling apples is crazy cool i think you could peel alot of things doing it this way you could probably do a good job of potatoes. this makes me wonder if you can use other tools to peel food. this way is way faster when peeling apples

  14. This is pretty crazy, it always takes me really long to peel the skin off an apple and with this, kind of crazy looking method, you can exponentially speed up the process of peeling apples and probably a bunch of other fruits and veggies. And this could possibly lead to more cool things you can do with drills, this is a really good idea.

  15. That looks so much fun! I want to try it at home. It’s a faster way to peel apples. I want to know where he got the idea from. Can you do it with other types of fruits. I think this is very smart and cool.

  16. This is so cool! If I could I would watch this all day. It is a really smart way to peel apples fast. But I would think that if it was your first time using it then u can easily get hurt.

  17. This is so creative. I think almost everyone could use this method. But you’d have to be careful so u wont get hurt. If you don’t have the time to sit and peel a lot of apples then this is good for you. If you worked at a bakery and you had to make like 3 dozens of apple pies, then its a good tool to get the job done fast.

  18. This is a very creative and unique thing to do. If you had to make a whole bunch of apple pies this would be a great thing to do to cut down on your prep time. I think I might try this at home. Hopefully I can make this work and maybe i could even try peeling other fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers or mangos. I would have never thought of using this particular method to peel apples.

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