Parmesan Cheese Recalled Due to Salmonella




25 thoughts on “Parmesan Cheese Recalled Due to Salmonella

  1. To me this isn’t really a surprise because salmonella is getting everywhere. All though it concerns me because it is getting everywhere and it looks like it will get into different foods and continue to cause problems. Corey Smith period 6

  2. I think it is crazy that a lot of products are being called back due to salmonella. How could salmonella get into parmesan cheese or even peanut butter? This leads me to believe that it will continue to spread and it also makes me watch out for what I’m buying. Salmonella poisoning is no joke, and it can cause you to become extremely ill. I’m amazed at the foods that are staring to carry salmonella, they’re usually things that I’d never think of, and that scares me.

  3. I just ate alot of parmesan yesterday so this kinda scary but I ate another brand so im hopefully good. For all the other people that did eat this brand, I feel sorry for them because salmonellas all bad.

  4. That’s…. kinda unusual actually. Its not every day you hear about salmonella being found in cheese, at least in comparison to raw meat. Hopefully if anyone who ate this before the warning was announced turns out okay. Thankfully its just one brand and not any more.

  5. It seems that salmonella is showing up a lot lately. When I think of salmonella I think of meat. My mom is vegetarian so trust me I get to hear all about how meat is bad for you etc etc. Its good that they stopped it before it got out of control. Its unsettling to know that salmonella is in small things like parmesan cheese. Something like a harmless spaghetti dinner can turn into a serious illness and death.

  6. Parmesan cheese is probably one of my favorite things in the world. It’s a tragedy that such a wonderful food is tainted by such an awful thing. However, the real tragedy here is that the author of the article seems to think that Parmesan can only go on spaghetti. It’s really a versatile food, that tastes good with a variety of things. However, thankfully the problem has avoided California once again. I hope nothing bad happens to the families that purchased the jars.

  7. I really like using parmesan cheese on my foods, and i found this to be very useful in what brands of it i should use. im really glad i found this article. i hope this company improves their product of parmesan cheese. It makes me want to be more cautious about what i am eating.

  8. It’s a little concerning that salmonella is becoming such a big issue. This will definetly make me more cautious of the foods and brands that I buy and use. I have never heard of salmonella being found in cheese, so this article was helpful in showing me that it can be found in other foods other than poultry.

  9. i never even knew cheese would have salmonella in it i thought it was just peanut butter its a good thing i know now. And some people need to make sure they know what they are eating because sometimes they might not even know and they can get sick

  10. well that is terrible; how does this even happen, sorry to those who bought it and also, suck it, cant have cheese anyway!

  11. well that is terrible; how does this even happen, how do you get salmonella in cheese, sorry to those who bought it and also, suck it, don`t live where reported and cant have cheese anyway!

  12. I think that its great that even if it hasnt infected anyone that they still recall it. Its also good that they can identify the possibly contaminated jars with the dates on the bottom of the jar. Its good that theres only one brand so people can avoid it for a while and switch brands. Hopefully in the future they can prevent salmonella out breaks.

  13. The fact that salmonella outbreaks in food is such a problem in the U.S. would make people think that maybe there should be some very regular checking of all products for the salmonella bacteria. Its a serious health concern, and should be looked into a great deal more. Now in some other foods as long as you cook it well the chance of actually being affected by salmonella is very low but with something like parmesan cheese which most people wouldn’t think to cook could be a very serious problem. At least no illnesses have been reported.

  14. Salmonella is produced when food is unsanitary and touch by people that are not clean when the food was packaged and produced. But, its not surprising that they would find salmonella in these jars of cheese with the people that these businesses hire. I should not have to worry about finding any kind of food that I receive from the story. Thankfully the product was not released here in California.

  15. This is terrible to hear lots of people eat parmesan cheese including me, I feel like theres been a huge uprise in problems with salmanilla scientists need to find and antidote and stop this problem.

  16. There has been a lot of recalls on food because of salmonella, It’s pretty concerning because what if someone got a hold of one of these jars after they got recalled and consumed it all? That would put this company in a lot of trouble. And for salmonella to be found in peanut butter then parmesan cheese that’s really bizarre to me. And that says a lot to me about the factories that make the products. Because salmonella isn’t naturally found cheese or peanut butter. The factory itself and how their handling the cheese must be really unsanitary. I definitely will be careful to not purchase any of this companies other prob=ducts because who know how they are handled.

  17. this effects me because im itallian id i cook with alot of it and i like alot of in on my food so i hope it dosnt spead to cali cause that would be bad for me

  18. Salmonella is very underestimated in its dangerousness. I’m glad it has been recalled so we can stay safe and healthy. There is more danger in food than most people realize so this will hopefully bring more awareness to it. Hopefully California stays safe so we can all keep eating like we normally do.

  19. I eat parmesan a lot and i’m sure a large majority of the nation does as well, so a salmonella outbreak in the cheese we put on our food is quite frightening. And over 13000 individual jars of it being infested with salmonella is a scary statistic.

  20. I think this shows that the food we are eating needs to be checked more. I don’t think people think about what goes in there fridges and eventually on there plate.But this doesn’t surprise me but shows that our food isn’t being made around and in healthy places.

    1. Parmesan cheese is really good and it sucks that so many people bought it not expecting salmonella. I wish companies would be more careful with their products. Salmonella is just one of those things you think may not affect you and seems to get overlooked frequently.

  21. I think it is scary how many they found containing salmonella. I also think people need to be more aware that there is a chance what they are eating may contain salmonella. This article was also helpful as to which brands you should buy from and which you shouldn’t. I hope nobody purchases from this brand in the future.

  22. Wow, it’s unfortunate that this has happened, because this will hurt their business quite alot. Any recently there have lots recalls on foods and products that I’m starting to think we need a to pay more attention to what producers are sending out and on their end double checking what they send us.

  23. Seeing articles of recalled food continuously is quite concerning. I’m starting to wonder how well food regulation rules are followed in factories and distribution centers. Foods that shouldn’t even contain any chicken-based products are coming out with salmonella. I’ve never gotten salmonella, and I hope I’ll never have to go through it, especially just for the reason that I decided to trust a store-bought brand.
    -Briar Arnott — Period 5

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