Train Your Brain to Eat Better


Could you follow through with some of these guidelines?  Could most Americans “change” their diet to include these options?  Why/why not? What reactions might you hear?



8 thoughts on “Train Your Brain to Eat Better

  1. I just read the article titled “Train your brain to eat better” and I found this article very interesting and helpful. It made me consider trying it. I enjoyed learning new things while reading it and I think it would be great and a big plus if everyone in the world tryed to “rewire” their brains to be healthy..

  2. Seems legit. While I agree with what it says, I still think people will want foods high in calories. Unless we truly limit the amount of sugary food available and feel a big negative difference eating something low in calories versus something that isn’t that is. The brain can be worked with, but I doubt we’ll be able to rewire it fully. It’s natural as breathing for us to carve sugar. I liked what they did with testing people on this. They didn’t list how the scientists went about the control group however. I know those that were in lost 5 pounds, but what were they doing exactly different than the experimental group? I looked at the pictures too. Not surprised about the information and the benefits listed. I consume almost everything pictured. I don’t get really why they put pictures of nuts and beans and the like were put in instead of the brain activity that was talked about. Overall, decent article.

  3. This article totally describes me. What I mean by this is how I do not necessarily eat the healthiest items but I try to eat healthier food. This article explains how to train your brain to crave healthier foods rater then to crave unhealthy food. Knowing that there is a way to help me eat healthier food, I am totally willing to try this. This article can totally help the average human being trying to become healthy eaters.
    – Jack Solt Period 3

  4. So those who aren’t fat this is not the answer for you because only fat people were tested and they reacted differently to healthier food because they don’t feel that dopamine that were getting as a reward for our normal eating however those who are obese doesnt always mean you automatically become brain washed because their are those like my dad who have really low metabolisms and eat only a cup of coffee and dinner and works all day and he is pretty big

    What I do like is that i could eat a whole bunch of this fast food crap and turn my reward into healthy food like them in the study which would be great because i would spend a life eating fresh food and get that feeling of sugary food

    Kyle Sansen
    Per 3

  5. I found this article to be very interesting because I can relate to it. I am not the healthiest eater, but I do always eat a few healthy foods a day. This article shows the effects on your brain from what you eat whether its healthy or unhealthy so now whenever I eat something unhealthy, I will think of the consequences that it causes.

  6. I didn’t think it was possible to change the minds way of eating
    while i was reading this artical i started to think why don’t i do this i need to loss waight fast and my mind is just……stubbern.
    i enjoy that there are diffrent types of diets so i think i just might try it……if the voice in my mind will let me lol jkjk.

  7. I remember when i just craved fast food,then my mom made me eat a fruit or vegetable before every meal and over the course of 2 years i developed a craving for healthy foods.This article proves that simply eating healthy can change the way you think about foods and make you choose the healthy choice.

  8. Interesting. I had no idea that you could change your eating habits like this. I really only ever thought that you just ate whatever based on taste. Never thought that different factors triggered different parts of your brain, cool!

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