Modernist Cuisine Gets In On 3D Printed Edible




5 thoughts on “Modernist Cuisine Gets In On 3D Printed Edible

  1. This was a cool quick read.I have seen pictures of 3D sugar, and wow, is it very incredible what we can do now. The article is right, food can be a work of art. I even watched the video and just…blown away. Beautiful. Strange. Vivid. Thought it was kind of the funny to see the guy’s face on the tortilla. I don’t even know what some of the food was. Amazing how so much science could work into what we eat. Hope to see more of Francisco Migoya’s work. Wish it explained what Ferran AdriĆ ’s book elBulli was about but oh well.

    1. Nice response! Ferran Adria is the godfather of modernist cuisine, I would say. elBulli is his restaurant in Spain has ranked the top ten of many very respected “best of” lists. There is a great documentary on Netflix that I may show if the whole class can sit for it!

  2. this actually is very interesting i personally feel like it wont taste the same as man made food! something about it loses my interest and makes m think why are we investing money into this yes the 3d printer will be faster but at the end of the day i would rather eat something that tastes amazing and took a long time to cook then something that tastes okay and was faster.
    chelsea harrison
    period 3

  3. I can’t believe the technology is that advanced now that us humans can print out food and lime the printed sugar. I watched a video the other day about printed out candy in different colors, reds, blues, greens, purples, and others

  4. This is amazing. It shows how much technology has advanced. I saw a video on 3d printing chocolate for a company. I think there will be many more 3d printing for food because of how easy it is.

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