Cobra Head Bites and Kills Chef Even After Being Decapitated




21 thoughts on “Cobra Head Bites and Kills Chef Even After Being Decapitated

  1. was the head just like lying around? where did they have the head that he ciuld accidentally get bitten? its kind of their fault for leaving the head somewhere where it could injure or kill people.

  2. This is really scary because you could think that you killed the snake and that you are safe but apparently you can still die. It’s just like a bee, how it can be dead but you can still get stung by one. Just shows that you have to be careful with everything dangerous, kind of like a gun that’s not loaded, you should still be carefull with it because you never know what could happen.

  3. Ok so first off this was just plain stupid because like why would you even. Then you kill it in a bin but really after that you tried to take the body but left the head their to bite you. I mean like come on are’nt you supposed to be a professinal when it comes to this, like dont you have to go to culinary schools for cutting cobras heads off and not putting them in a bucket. He coudlve maybe just maybe used common sense and picked up the with tongs or something and thrown it away. He mightve just survived if he had done that but he didnt.

  4. Ok so this is so werid like he had 40 years experience with cobras so how did the snake bite his hand. Then right after he just goes and cuts the head off I mean I know u pain probably but it just seems terrible to go and cut the head off and let it suffer on the table well I know what I would never touch a snake after that for sure.

  5. how do you not know to check the dead body of an animal. Where was the head? Your very dumb for putting the head by yourself. Its very creepy to have a snake skin let alone a head. Jacob binns 3rd period

  6. This is actually kinda scary. I didnt know that even when a snake is decapitated the venom can still inject you. This would never happen because i hate snakes and wouldnt go near them or eat them.

  7. This article gave me the heebee-geebees when I looked at the picture on the computer. This will get me scared because I am sensitive to things that are in 3D and 4D. I will not recommend this article because it can scare others.

    Brennan Cable

  8. Dude…. Soooo sketch! I think the chef messed up by leaving the severed snake head on the table.. Why not throw it away? Either way though thats a sad way to die. This article kind of gave me goosebumps.

  9. OH MY GOD. Its honestly that stupid chefs fault, he could’ve used tongs to throw the snake away. Sad that he died but be smarter.

  10. OMG this is exactly why i hate snakes they creep me out. i bet the snake was planning it from the very beginning…..EVIL SNAKE it had it coming
    i feel for that poor wife she lost her husband even when he was decapitated WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thats really scary. But if knowing that a snake could still bite and kill for an hour after its been decapitated, he should have waited an hour to prepare the snake not 20 minutes. But still at the same time that’s a really tragic accident.

  12. I don’t understand why he did not take more care in throwing away the snake head. Clearly the snake was still alive and still moving so he should have waited until the snake was obviously dead. Maybe he could have hit it in the head first before he handled it again. Glad I’m not him.

  13. Wow I remember doing a report on the spitting cobra snake but I never knew they can kill a person after having its head cut off. I would have never knew now I know not to go near a spitting cobra. May he R.I.P and his family.

  14. honestly why would you not have a vial of anti-venom within reach when your dealing with venomous snakes. Its not like its 100% your going to get bitten but still just on the occasion you do get bit what does it take to get a vial of anti-venom on standby? When dealing with dangerous things especialy in the kitchen keep a solution to any possible problem close by in the situation that it does happen.

  15. I didn’t know that a snake could still function for almost a hour after dead or even decapitated. I wonder why he wouldn’t take the time to throw away the snake head. Mr. Berry always taught us to clean up as we go. And expecially with dangerous things.

  16. I honestly think think the saddest part of this isn’t that the chef died it’s that they where cutting of the head of snakes while it was still living. I’m not trying to be insensitive and i’m confused why they would do that. I’m pretty sure most of the population wouldn’t like to have their heads cut of as their way of dying. I don’t know how they could kill the snake with out messing up the meat but i hope they find a way.

  17. Thats shocking how that happened, I think when they decapitate the snake, make sure any part of the snake is fully dead so this doesnt happen agian.

  18. Sounds like they need to take better saftey precautions especially when dealing with the head. It should be properly disposed of right after being decapitated and only be prepared by professionals or not at all.

  19. Thats so cool, in a way, but also sucks for the chef that got bit. The time it lasted after it got its head cut off. The fact that it lasts several seconds after it was bitten is insain. It probably made a good dish though

  20. this is vary intersting. people don’t understand even when you cut off the head of a snake that the snake will still move of copel hours. and even when they stop moving the vinom is still deadly. so if you touch it there is a chance that snake venome can still kill you. so here is a good way not to die from a snake don’t mess with them.

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