Too Perfect Cake Decorating?


13 thoughts on “Too Perfect Cake Decorating?

  1. I like how they made the cake so fast but they don’t experience the detail and the hard work you put into it
    Emily Gansereit
    Period 3

  2. I like how they have machines to do the work. But I think putting the designs on the cakes is better to learn how to work on your own with out machines helping you. I think having machines do the work is not as fun as doing it on your own with family and friends. I also think that cooking with out machines is funner and makes you think a lot more.
    Period: 5

  3. I think its crazy how they replaced people with machines and the people don’t get to experience the detail, effort and the love you put into the cake.
    Period: 3

  4. I love the speed of the process. Although he was very fast, he was also precise. Working by hand is a very incredible thing to watch. The effort this man puts into cutting pinapples is crazy. I give him tons of credit for this!

  5. This is really cool how they make the cakes so fast, but they don’t have the joy of making a good cake.A lot of my family bakes and they say that making your own cake feels really good, like I accomplished something and it is also something that you can be proud of.

  6. I want this! this is so cool. It’s an easier way to decorate a cake…but it’s also sad that they’re replacing people with machines, people should experience it instead. -Denise Sanchez P.3

  7. I did not like this machine I think it takes the creativity and unique ness out of the cakes. I dont think you could use it to get all the styles you would want from it. Also you still have to place the cake layers on so you still have to be there to make it. If you want to sell cakes in bulk I guess that would be helpful. If I was a cake artist I would like it to be my work not a machine.

  8. That was so cool I wish I had something like that to decorate my cakes, people would think I was so cool for decorating a cake like that. I loved how it made the process faster than someone who was doing it by hand. But I think that it makes more people loose their jobs, cause they would just get one of those things and you would be good to go. But I still think its cool.

  9. That’s intense. But honestly.. I think that is cheating, What’s the fun in not decorating it yourself? Someday I want to be baker and I’m not gonna use that machine. That’s to simple and easy. Than again I like a challenge. But it does make me curious if bakery’s are using those now a days That machine would come in handy if there wasn’t a lot of workers or if you had to many cakes to do and you needed some help because you had a time that they need to be done by. Still I think that machine is still really weird and crazy.

  10. I love this machine. The speed and perfection is amazing. I continued watching videos like this for about 20 minutes because I was fascinated by the designs these machines can do. In one of the videos the machine draws on the cake what a woman drew on a screen so I disagree with people saying it takes out the creativity. This particular factory choose an automatic machine but there is obviously a option out there to draw your own cakes. If this baker wanted his cakes unique he could have gotten then personalize machine or just done it by hand. In the end, who’s going to know a man or machine did it?

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