Chocolate Mill


18 thoughts on “Chocolate Mill

  1. Even though it’s quite amazing that people can DO THAT with chocolate…Its soooooooooo sad that the people who made the video are wasting all that chocolate!!!!! -Nicole Strand; Period 3

  2. I think this creation is good, even though it takes a while. I wish I can get started on the dessert for many reasons. I hoped that it would be a delicious treat for the family.

  3. I feel like this could have used more explanation. It also reminded me of how hungry I am as we have lunch after this. This also makes me think about how I need to eat better. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks? Id like to watch them make it as I thought it was going to be like the chocolate thinking process.

  4. That’s really interesting how they make so many different designs just from chocolate. I hope that other chocolate that was shaved off didn’t just get thrown away. I’m really curious as to how they made the designs so easily. Its amazing what people can make with food nowadays. Its this kind of stuff that makes me wish I was more creative.

  5. I like how they were taking there time with making the chocolate with different designs in it. I wonder what happen to the parts that fell off the table? I wonder how long it would take to make the chocolate like that.

  6. This is just really neat how they do this. It shows how creative people can get to make something new. And this being out of chocolate makes it 10 times better.
    -Christian Castillo Period:5

  7. I wonder what the whole process was behind this. Did they just grind up chocolate? Did the whole process actually serve a perpose? I mean the design was cool but whats the point.

  8. I like chocolate an Its cool how they did all the designs, but im kinda wondering why did they chose chocolate to do this. And what did they do with all the chocolate once they were finished like did they melt it again to use it for chocolate bars or did they just throw it away. Im also wondering if they got payed for this cause if they got nothing out of these then i kinda feel like it was a waste of time , but everyone has there own opinion.
    -Gabriel mendoza period 5

  9. Its amazing what they did with the chocolate. I bet it took them ages to make that video. They made layer after layer after layer and design after design to make that huge piece of chocolate. The idea to scrape a layer to reveal a new design, genius. Its just so amazing that people these days are making great videos.

  10. Rather intriguing how an every day food such as chocolate can be used to create an artistic masterpiece. I’m rather curious about the process behind such a creation. I’ve seen many decorative chocolates before, but this is taken to an entirely new level that I’ve never seen before. My speculations involve a form of pouring different forms of liquid chocolate very meticulously; allowing each previous layer to cool off and harden before adding upon it.

    Another burning question in my mind is what they did with the chocolate afterwards… despite the incredible artistic marvel, that would be a lot of chocolate going to waste if they simply threw it away. (Although it could be argued that the process of creating something so intricate is already a worthy enough usage of the chocolate.)

  11. This is soo cool and these people who made that chocolate are very talented. But its to bad because all of that chocolate is going to wast. I would be happy to eat some!

  12. Wow! amazing detail. This must take a long time and a lot of patience but It’s alsonsad that all that chocolate is going to waste.

  13. I think its sooo cool that people can do that kind of thing with chocolate. It must have been hard to do make those layers with the difrent shades of chocolate. The idea that someone could take something as simple as chocolate and do something like that with it its amazing. I just wish that they ate the chocolate insted of it going to waste. Man that chocolate looks good now I relay want some 😦

  14. this is so funny. this must be such a fun job. and one to do this there is so many fun thing you can do with this appel. that really cool i think. this remind me of that guy who make bread that MR.Berry should us.

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