Report shows 1 in 7 go hungry

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7 thoughts on “Report shows 1 in 7 go hungry

  1. This article is really helpful. Every year more and more people are going hungry and starving. some of the time it their fault yes but most of the time its not i mean food prices are going up in stores and gas prices are crazy. for example and box of candy is 2 dollars and organic fruit is 5! ik that doesnt have to do with hunger but its a health thing its stupid it coast more to be healthy and people wounder why more kids and adults are becoming obese. im fully qnd 100% blame the government for this mistake.
    Chelsea Harrison
    period 3

  2. Stacie Humble P.4
    People don’t realize how much others sufer I know plenty of people who complane that they dint get that 10 doller dress that they wanted dut thare are so many people could use that money to get food that could suport there famelys for a week. Its also anoying that the government sits there and sends more help to other contrys when there contry needs so much help. Miltary men and woman are out on the streets homeless and starving HELLO these people fought for are contry and there on the street like garbage and the government does nothing to help them. I think the government need to fix the problems in the U.S. before other contys.

  3. It’s hard to believe that the fattest country in the world is having problems in feeding the population now more than ever. This is a real issue for america though. It says that since the 2008 recession we have never fully recovered. More than 46 million people struggle to live healthy now. And since the recession the number of people that use food stamps or some sort of food service has gone up 50%. I think the government has been doing great helping these suffering people get fed and cared for more.

  4. This is very surprising for me, I was shocked by the percentages of people who either starve to feed their families, skip their meals or just don’t eat properly which affect their health, and isn’t very good for them or even the percentage overall from the worldwide population. I am actually glad I read this article because I am more informed then I was before about the health worldwide.

  5. I am very surprised to see that there are so many people going hungry in our nation. I already knew that there are homeless people who do go hungry but I did not realize that it was so many people. It is very detrimental to their health and will in turn cause them to require more health care. In years past there have been many revolts where people have not had access to food and it was chaos as they tried getting it. Since most of our nation’s budget is spent on the military they should take just a little bit out the military’s huge budget to be used to help more people and prevent them from starving.

  6. I didn’t realize how many people actually go hungry. They need to add more budget to world starvation and make sure more people get food on the table. I actually have a couple friends that don’t get enough food at home and i always let them come over to eat.

  7. To me it isn’t a big eye opener because it has been going on for awhile ,but it surprises me that not it is still going on. We have plenty enough food in stores that people allow to go to waste and ,and end up throwing away by closing time. While stores are doing that people are going hungry doing back breaking work just for the little food they can get maybe for them or a family. What i think might be a good idea is at the end of the day they should set food out for people who need it. Although people are going to complain about that when they are doing the same when they don’t buy something that doesn’t catch their eye. If we can do a simple task people wouldn’t have to suffer as much as they do and could have some breathing room to live.

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