Flipped Class Assignment #1

Since this first grading period ends on September 12, I only expect you to post 3 article/post responses before 9/12/2014.

A couple rules:

Only one post per day (no doing 3 at once).  Please do not review the same articles as your best friend.  Take a few minutes and choose your own article to comment on.



3 thoughts on “Flipped Class Assignment #1

  1. I really enjoyed the video and article about the top 10 cool, amazing foods. I saw foods i never knew existed. One that i thought was interesting was the Cheese-Filled Doritos. Another one was a chocolate chip cookie cup. You can pour milk into the cup, drink it, and then eat the cup when you are finished. I thought that was very cool! I would definitely love to try the cheese filled Doritos or at least try to find out how people make them. I did find this article very interesting!
    -Garrett Schmidt Per. 3

  2. I didn’t really enjoy this article because the food is still alive when its on the plate, but it was pretty interesting to read what other countries eat. It was cool to find out that they use lizards to flavor there soup, like we use chicken and other meats to flavor our soups! I’m sad for the baby mice but it was interesting to find out that they can be used a booster in wine.

  3. To me this looks like a noodle but it is really a mooncake which is like a pot sticker!! This is really cool because they only make these on special ocations. Its filled with egg yolk and lotus seeds. I really would love to try these one day , maybe i could even have them in my resturant someday.

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