Pizza Pizza



3 thoughts on “Pizza Pizza

  1. I think pizza is really good but I don’t think people should eat it all the time. I think that because its really not that good for you. I thought reading these pizza facts was really interesting because facts are interesting.

  2. Some of these toppings actually sound pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having hot dogs, bacon, barbecue sauce or shrimp on my pizza and I’m sure eggs would be pretty good on pizza as a breakfast food. Squid might be pretty good depending on how it’s cooked (I like calamari but I’ve never tried squid cooked in any other way) or depending on the other toppings . I don’t know about eel though; I’ve never tried it before but I always assumed that it doesn’t taste very good and I don’t think I’ll be trying it any time soon (especially on pizza).

  3. I enjoy the pizza with the articles of it. I will recommend this piece to all of the people who likes the pieces of bread, sauce and cheesy toppings. I am the third person who will like pizza on and inn the article all because it is delicious at restaurants and at home sweet home. Me and my family made frozen pizza and it was good.

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