Superfoods Super Guide

Superfoods Super Guide


5 thoughts on “Superfoods Super Guide

  1. I think everyone should read this and eat these foods because they’re really good. but everyone wont because no one wants to eat healthy food because they think it doesn’t taste good. all people want to eat is mcdonalds and taco bell and call it healthy because there’s a little lettuce on the food. but I mostly eat these foods because I dont eat meat so i have to eat really healthy.

  2. The article is interesting and informational shows a lot of useful information of healthy habits. It explains the properties of foods and the uses of the vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

  3. This article shows the healthy facts about certain fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients. It lets you know what you can use them for as a substitute for unhealthy types of foods. Most are high in vitamins and are extremely good for you and your immune system.

  4. While what they have here is good information about how foods can affect you why were there no villainous foods that are not good for you like chips or cake. though I suppose that does not really matter and other than that I enjoyed how the information relating to these foods was displayed and the information itself was pretty good to know for those who want to eat a little healthier.

  5. I think this is really interesting. There are many more benefits to fruits and veggies than we realize. It is pretty cool that you can be eating yummy veggies and fruit and get a lot more health benefits than you expect. I didn’t know that pregnant women should eat cauliflower regularly to encourage fetal health.

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