Fast Food Workers go on strike!

Fast Food Workers go on strike!

<> on July 29, 2013 in New York City.


15 thoughts on “Fast Food Workers go on strike!

  1. Honestly I would go on strike to because fast food does not pay enough. But I would never work at a fast food place…. Seems nasty.

  2. I feel that they should do that because a lot of the people try to live off of that and it’s just not enough to get them to where they need to be.

  3. I work at IN N OUT and make $10.25 starting wage. $15 is a lot for a starting wage. If you’re a single mother supporting a family, fast food isn’t necessarily the right place for you unless your’re in management you’re simply not going to make enough money.

  4. We all know big companies like Mc. Donalds could afford to pay thier employees more, but on the other hand if you want better pay you should find a different job. If you can get another job because of your education level….whos fault is that? Not Mc. Donalds’!!

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